Our motto is “freshly made and handmade by husband and wife! That’s our motto. Please stop by and visit us.

We have been baking only “Meishiro Iriyama Senbei” by hand for 40 years. Unfortunately, rice crackers are probably not the current trend. However, “Meishiro Iriyama Senbei” is naturally dried (in the sun or in the air), and is exposed to the winds of the four seasons. We hope you enjoy the natural flavor of our hard-baked rice crackers, baked with care and time, and without going against nature.

It is a bright and friendly pharmacy with a downtown atmosphere. We also handle a wide range of prescriptions from nearby Ogiwara Otolaryngology and other medical institutions. We aim to be a family pharmacy that can deepen trust with patients.

We are committed to strengthening the functions of community-based finance, based on our management policy of placing the highest priority on the interests of the “local community” where people living in the community can interact with each other in a lively manner, wishing for the prosperity of all businesses, and functioning as a “comprehensive lifestyle center” that serves as the “core” of the local community.