Introduction to the Katsushika Ward Federation of Shopping Streets

Katsushika-ku Shopping Street Federation formed.

It was the merchants from all over the district who were the first to rise up from the confusion of the post-war period to rebuild.
Fortunately, Katsushika Ward was spared from the war damage compared to other wards, which led to a rapid increase in the number of immigrants from the city center. By 1949, the food crisis had finally subsided, and the Korean War that broke out the following year triggered a "special procurement boom" that led to rapid postwar reconstruction and economic stabilization.
From the postwar period to the period of rapid economic growth, the number of stores in the shopping district increased at a rate of more than 10% every year.

Katsushika-ku Shopping Street Federation formed.

The population continued to increase, and the stores in the ward, together with the convenient transportation provided by the Japanese National Railways (now JR) and Keisei Electric Railway, led to the formation of shopping streets in various areas. On November 26, 1951, the Federation of Katsushika Shopping Streets was formed by the volunteers.
The current Katsushika Ward Federation of Shopping Streets consists of 50 shopping streets in the ward, and welcomes customers with the warmth of the downtown atmosphere and the cheerful smiles of the store owners.

Promoting the Appeal of Katsushika

Katsushika Ward is located at the eastern edge of Tokyo, with the Edogawa River to the east, the Arakawa River to the west, and the Nakagawa River running through the middle of the ward. It is a city of water and greenery, including the lush Mizumoto Park.
Horikirin" is the mascot of the shopping street in Horikiri Shobuen, where irises bloom. In nearby Ohanajaya, there is Shibamata Teishakuten, famous for Nyanmaru-kun and Hooten no Tora-san, Kameari shopping street where statues of Ryosan can be seen everywhere, and Yotsugi and Tateishi, known for Captain Tsubasa.
In addition, the "Katsushika Food Festa," a major "food" event, has been held in Kanamachi, where Tokyo University of Science is located, and in Shin-Koiwa Park since 2014. We hope that you will enjoy shopping while enjoying the unique Katsushika scenery.
In the future, we will continue to take on new challenges, collaborate with tourist associations and other organizations, and work together with everyone to convey the "goodness of downtown Katsushika.