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"Please enjoy the luxurious taste of Ebisu Seika's Japanese sweets.
Ebisu's Mangan Dorayaki is filled with carefully cooked red bean paste in a softly baked crust.
Dorayaki varieties: Chestnut, Ogura, Plum, White Red Bean, Edo Pine, Ajiyuki, Raw Dorayaki, Dorashu
Seasonal Dorayaki
Summer: green tea dorayaki, doray ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, green tea, and red bean paste)
Autumn - Early Summer: Doraiimo
Spring: Strawberry dorayaki
We also have chestnuts, Mangan-yokan, and other seasonal sweets.
Our special candy
We use "Kaori-mame" (red beans) from Hokkaido. We sprinkle dried bonito in the field to improve the soil. They are grown with great care.
The water used to cook the red bean paste is completely filtered and electrostatically charged with 20,000 volts to make the water particles finer in order to make the red beans fluffy and fragrant.
The best rice cake
The finest Koshihikari rice and golden glutinous rice are milled in house every morning. It is fresh, chunky, and uniquely delicious."

Confectionery / Sweets / Bread
〒125-0041 1-37-1, Higashi Kanamachi, Katsushika-ku
3 minute walk from Kanamachi station
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(until 18:00 only on Sundays before regular holidays or holidays)
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Mondays (in case of national holidays, etc.)
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