There is a library on the 3rd floor of Vinasis Kanamachi Bright Court. 2 minutes walk from JR Kanamachi Station. It is the largest library in Katsushika Ward, equipped with the latest equipment such as convenient automatic lending and return machines that do not keep you waiting. Anyone can use it with peace of mind with a spacious space on one floor and a universal design. It holds approximately 410,000 volumes. In addition to books, CDs and DVDs, there is also an Internet PC that allows you to browse databases useful for business, so you can answer any questions you want to know. In the children's room that imitates the deck of a ship, storytelling sessions are held regularly, and services for children are also substantial. katsushika-free wi-fi is also available.
In addition, the Central Library is currently recruiting magazine sponsors and banner advertisements to be posted on the library website. Since the latest issue of the magazine will be picked up by a large number of people, it will also be an opportunity to make the name of the company, etc. and the community contribution activities of the company through the library widely known to users, so please take this opportunity. , Please use!

〒125-0042 Vinasys Kanamachi Brycote 3rd Floor,6-2-1, Kanamachi, Katsushika-ku
2-minute walk from Keisei Kanamachi Station and Kanamachi Station
Opening time
Monday - Saturday 9:00~22:00 Sunday and holidays 9:00~20:00 Dec. 29-30 9:00~20:00 Dec. 31 - Jan. 3 9:00~17:00
Day off
Every 4th Thursday of the month, special arrangement period
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