Our main efforts are to support and motivate the users in their daily lives. Then, you can live your life in your own way at home. I hope I can help you with that.

It is a locally-based osteopathic clinic located in the heart of the Minori-kai shopping district. With a homey atmosphere, we treat patients with sincerity to make them smile. Please come and visit us.

The store opened in October 1960 and has been open for 58 years. The current location was moved in October 2004 and has been in business for over 10 years. We are a community-based credit union that regularly holds pension counseling sessions and inheritance seminars, and provides management support to local corporate customers.

It’s been 15 years since we opened our store in the Minori Shopping Center in Higashi-Shinkoiwa. Haircuts are available for women, men, and children.

I’ve created a toktok menu for each day of the week! Please use this service with mom, dad, kids, grandparents.

Even if you are careful every day, tooth decay and gum disease can easily progress without you knowing it. We are here to help you enjoy your time with a fresh smile on your face. Please call to make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

We offer a variety of services, including red rice, rice cakes, red and white manju, and other items to celebrate birthdays and longevity. Chinmochi will be shipped locally.

Floors, rugs, covers, cloths, curtains, interior blinds, roll screens, and everything else related to interior decoration are available for consultation.

We always provide fresh and low-priced products.

During the big sale, we offer 5 times the number of stamps as a take-home service, which is very popular.

I’ve been running the store for 72 years. We are here to help you achieve beauty and health. A wide variety of Shiseido and Kanebo cosmetics specialty store brands are available. And we’re proud of our line of men’s brands!

〈Helping you live a better life〉The only food supermarket in Minori-kai, piled high with an assortment of daily specials. We also have popular day-of-the-week specials, such as the 100-yen special every Monday and Thursday, the Friday red tag sale, and the Saturday Nikoniko sale.

Specializes in handmade arare and senbei rice crackers made with 100% domestic glutinous rice. Local shipping is available.

Yakitori, handmade chicken shao mai, fried young chicken.

Please consult with us about your shoulder, back, and knee pains. It is used to correct body distortions and relieve pain. We handle all types of insurance.

It is a long-established osteopathic clinic in Minori-kai. Our motto is “cheerful, kind, and polite. Please consult with us about your physical pain, even if it is a small thing. Treatment is also available on holidays.

We respect the wishes of the individual and their family to the maximum extent possible, and are committed to providing in-home services to help them maintain an independent lifestyle at home in their familiar community.

It is located in a slightly secluded part of the shopping district. The salon is spacious and surrounded by greenery where you can relax and enjoy the treatment. It is supported by a wide range of age groups. Please stop by and say hello.

We try to provide kind and careful treatment on a daily basis. If you have any problems with your body, please feel free to contact us.

This is a hair salon where you can casually drop by on your way home from shopping. Our colorants have almost no odor or irritation. If you are not a fan of color, please try it.

It is a homey store loved by a wide range of customers from children to the elderly. Our skilled staff awaits your visit with high skills in everything from hair up to dressing.

Community-based care services. Established the first facility for dementia in Katsushika Ward. We act as a consultation service for local caregivers. Please feel free to stop by.

We have 45 years of experience in this field, and our products are as good as new. We offer free storage.(You can use the room widely.) Bulky blankets and futons can be rinsed to make them fluffy. Three-dimensional Y-shirts 150 yen.

Please contact us for anything from gas appliance repair to home renovation. TOTO Remodel Club and All Tokyo Gas “Enefit” certified store

Let us create a hairstyle that suits you. Barrier-free information:Wheelchair access, cutting while riding, and assistant docks. Please make a reservation in advance.

It is free and open to everyone. Please take a break while shopping or use the restroom. Please refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, or spending long periods of time in the restrooms.

It is the only real estate store in Minori-kai that has been in business for over 40 years. Please contact us if you have any questions about buying, selling, renting, or other real estate matters.

Beautiful hair starts with a beautiful scalp! This has been our motto for 25 years. Diagnose and analyze hair root problems with a microscope. There are many hair quality improvement menus to make you beautiful. Please feel free to use this service.

I can help you with all your men’s clothing needs! Jackets, slacks, shirts, polo shirts, open shirts, T-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. We also accept other uniforms, so please call us first!

We have a wide selection of rare fruits and vegetables, as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you have a product you want to use, you can order it. Please visit our store.

Our highly specialized staff will work closely with you to protect your health.

Directly managed by the manufacturer. We have a large number of items available. Sample products, many at low prices.

It’s been about seven years since I started selling Korean food and homemade kimchi at Minori-kai. Delicious freshly made kimchi is very popular.

We offer a wide range of stationery for personal use, including stationery for school children and notebooks. We can also order items that are not available in the store. The store also handles gym clothes, school shoes, and school swimsuits for Matsue Elementary School, Futagami Elementary School, and Kamikomatsu Elementary School. You can pay by credit card, watermelon, line pay, etc.

The owner’s speciality: The chili peppers are from Korea. Garlic is made from Tago(takko)garlic in Aomori Prefecture.I make it by hand every day.

We offer a wide range of clothes, hats, bags, and other items that allow you to enjoy the seasons, based on the theme of natural clothes for adults, with the gentleness and playfulness of cotton, and a sense of fashion that is not overly trendy.

The daytime is for snacks and coffee, and the nighttime is for relaxing. This is a place where you can also drink alcohol. I have an acoustic guitar!(If you can play, please do.) There is no karaoke. A music-loving master is waiting for you.

Since its establishment in 1954, the company has been working together with local residents. We hope you will try our healthy, low-calorie soba and udon. We are all looking forward to seeing you soon.

Established 45 years ago in Minori-kai. Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine are all at the chef’s disposal! We also accept various types of banquets.

It’s a homey, counter-only restaurant with a unique master.

A karaoke stage for singing and a cherry wood dance floor for dancing! Every Wednesday Service Day. Two drinks + snacks and karaoke are free, all you can drink soft drinks 2,000 yen including tax. Additional drinks from 300 yen. You can record good karaoke sound.100 yen per song (cassette tape) Karaoke class (Thursdays), dance class (Tuesdays) Each student is collecting!

After eating takoyaki for over 10 years, the ideal takoyaki broke out in my mind. Satoyoshi’s takoyaki was perfected after experimenting with more than 10 different flours and sauces. Crispy on the outside, thick on the inside, and a big octopus in the middle… There are three flavors: regular, ponzu, and very hot. You can top it with nori(seaweed)or mayonnaise if you like.

You can sing on stage with the best sound quality. Daytime session 13:00-17:30 1,000 yen per person(excluding alcoholic beverages) Night session 19:00-23:30 1,700 yen per person(with two cups of shochu), all you can sing(free karaoke)

Just a few flowers and greenery can give a room a very nice atmosphere. Why don’t you try to decorate it? From small flowers to decorate a cup in your room, to wedding bouquets and funeral offerings, we can do it all.

Please try our tofu, fried tofu, fried bean curd, fried bean curd, and fried tofu made from 100% domestic soybeans (from Saga, Akita, and Niigata). The prepared foods are all homemade.

Women’s clothing in large sizes is now in stock. Children’s clothing is now more widely available. We also have bags, purses, wallets, and handkerchiefs. Please stop by and say hello.

We sell gluten-free bread, which has recently become a hot topic in magazines and on TV. If you are interested, please visit us. Also, Komatsu Nyaa Cheese Bread was awarded the second place in JaPan Cup 2019.

The store has been open for 45 years. We are a small store, but we try to have a wide selection of products that are made in Japan. Please stop by once.

It’s a little old-fashioned for the modern age, but I’ve been doing business here for over 50 years. We would like to continue to do business with our customers in the neighborhood without changing.

Beef ribs, harami, tongue, etc. are prepared to order and seasoned right in front of the customer. Free seasoning! Barbeque sets are also available. The sauce is homemade and has the taste of a real barbecue restaurant. In addition, kimchi, namul, and gochujang are all handmade, so you can enjoy them with peace of mind.

A-5 ranked wagyu beef, A-4 ranked wagyu beef, Kurobuta pork, Sendai “Egoma pork”, Hinai Jidori chicken, Akane chicken, homemade roast beef, roast pork, and many other handmade gourmet foods. Become a member of our twice-monthly direct mail and get delicious meat at home!

Your town’s electrician!

Enjoy your fashion and stay healthy! We hope we can help you with that. Please feel free to stop by. We look forward to seeing you soon.

This restaurant serves handmade satsuma-age (fried fish cake) and oden seeds made from homemade fish paste every day.

In business since 1955, we have delivered meat for school lunches to seven schools in the district. Four or five years ago, I was on the TV show Chii Walk!

We do our best to sell a wide variety of handmade prepared foods, boiled beans, and pickled vegetables at low prices. The popular Unohana Croquette is large and healthy. We hope you will try it. We look forward to seeing you soon.

This is Kawaseen, a Japanese tea specialty store in Minori-kai. Tea is a tasty and healthy beverage that contains vitamin C and other nutrients. It is ideal for home use and for gifts such as mid-year and year-end gifts. We also offer local shipping.