The store opens as early as 6:30 a.m. The most popular bread, which is handmade without additives, is the “round bread,” an original cylindrical bread. There are three flavors that change daily, including maroon, coffee, and butter. Among them, the maple flavor mixed with maple syrup is a standard product that is often served throughout the year. There are many kinds of unpan, and they are so popular that even customers from far away order them.

We have been in business for 60 years, selling tea that meets the needs of the times while pursuing the ultimate in taste.

Opened in 1989. Cheerfulness is the best! Our motto is “cheerful, fun, and energetic.

Five features of Shioya Osteopathic Clinic. 1,Trusted and proven since its opening in 1975. We offer a variety of treatment methods to suit each patient’s symptoms. 2,Traffic accident treatment / whiplash consultation (we have specialized knowledge and treatment) 3,Treatment hours tailored to your needs (Saturday afternoons, priority for appointments, holiday mornings) 4,Improved prenatal and postnatal care. 5,Proposal of the concept of osteopathic clinic X footbath (free for patients)

Not only do they serve Western food such as pork cutlets, but also sashimi and Japanese snacks, making it feel like a pub at night.

Karaoke snacks that can be enjoyed during the daytime. During the day, you can request a song for 100 yen per song with a 500 yen drink set. If you sing 10 songs, the 11th song is free. In the evening, a bottle of shochu and some snacks are served per table. The fee is 2,000 yen per person (beer not included). There are many regular customers, but it is also a warm and moderate place for adults to enjoy themselves, even at first glance or by themselves. This is a space for people who love singing to gather. Let’s forget about time and have fun! There will also be a live performance of “Dixieland Jazz.

“Have fun, drink, sing, and make noise.This restaurant has a homey, Japanese-style feel. Even women alone can feel at ease. We look forward to welcoming you, whether you are a single person, a family, or a couple. The female staff and I are doing our best to provide a place of relaxation that is loved and adored by everyone. We do Sunday and afternoon karaoke!

The restaurant serves two kinds of nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi), Japanese food, and fresh fish, and is a favorite among families.

It is a popular restaurant that has been introduced in magazines. The noodles are homemade. Through repeated trial and error in adjusting the blend of flour and water content, we have developed three types of noodles that go well with each soup. The soup is carefully selected down to the ingredients used to remove the odor, such as garlic and ginger. The flavor of the noodle powder is made the best use of.

Seasonal ingredients are carefully prepared and served. We have a wide selection of local sake, wine, and sparkling wine to go with our delicious meals. Please feel free to visit us, whether you are alone or with your family.

We accept reservations for birthday cakes, celebrations, mid-year gifts, and year-end gifts. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We also accept reservations by phone. We also offer nationwide shipping of sweets. Please use it for gift-giving. September 8, 2013 Captain Tsubasa Sable, a delicious sable that shoots winning goals, is now on sale.

We have been operating in the town of Yotsugi since 1960. We offer a variety of menu items, including monja-yaki, okonomiyaki, and teppan-yaki. If you are in the neighborhood, please come and visit us.

This is a handmade soba noodle restaurant. In addition to the normal menu, the restaurant offers a wide variety of set menus featuring soba noodles. *The video is from the old store before the move.

Established in 1933. Kagetsu Sushi is a restaurant where live seafood is prepared and tasted right before your eyes. In the summer, we also serve hamo dishes. We will be waiting for you to come to our store to examine our raw tuna.

With indirect lighting, the restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere with chic tables and chairs lined up comfortably. Established 80 years ago. Originally a noodle factory, it changed its business model and was rebuilt about 20 years ago so that customers can enjoy dishes other than soba, such as local sake and seasonal fish dishes. We put particular effort into enhancing our evening menu, and always have about 15 kinds of local sake on hand. Of course, the soba is made by hand, but Matsunoya’s speciality is to make it from the fruit into powder. Wheelchairs are also welcome.

General stationery 20% cited. ASKUL dealer, full range of personal seals and business seals. For office furniture, please contact us for an estimate.

We mainly sell women’s apparel.

Specializes in watches, jewelry, and eyeglasses. He is a certified watch repair technician in Tokyo. We have received requests for repair of luxury watches such as Rolex and Omega even from far away. We can repair not only watches but also various other types of watches. Immediately after 3.11, I responded to a request to repair a broken and distorted pillar clock.

The most popular product is the firm dumplings carefully made with domestic Kamishin flour! In particular, the mitarashi dango, which are grilled to perfection and drenched in a sweet and spicy sauce, are a must-try. Japanese sweets, Sukeroku sushi, rice balls, and steamed sekihan (red rice) are also available in orifices for celebrations. You can order more or less.

Opened in 1950, closed for a year to improve skills, and reopened in 2015. Established an eat-in corner and started baking bread using the Levain variety. We are expanding the variety of French bread, rye bread, and cooking bread. And the cobbepan that has evolved over the past 65 years, always aspiring to be freshly baked.

In the old days, when fish and shellfish from various regions were presented to the capital, many of them were pickled in salt, and to remove the salt and make them tasty, they were soaked in water or boiled in hot water. We at Suzusoshi have carefully selected the freshest ingredients and adopted their production methods to create a product that meets everyone’s tastes.

Newly opened in June, 2008. We sell miso by weight, which is full of live yeast that produces traditional flavors and good nutrition for the body. Unlike today’s convenient miso, it takes a little more time and effort, but we hope you will try our miso for its delicious taste and healthy body.

Moved from the main office to Yotsugi after the earthquake and was established in 1927. It is an old liquor store with the aroma of the Showa era. We look forward to welcoming the baby boomers to Captain Tsubasa Street. This brewery was founded in 1657 in Fushimi and has won the gold medal at the National New Sake Competition 18 times in a row for four years. Junmai-shu 100% Yamadanishiki Tomiou Junmai-shu with a crisp finish that never gets old, served warm, at room temperature, or cold. 1.8L 2,138yen 700ml 1,069yen Fresh sake 300ml 373yen

Founded in 1921. A liquor store for three generations. The third-generation owner, who is a certified wine sommelier, has visited more than 10 wine regions in France, Germany, Italy and other countries over the past 30 years. We have wines and champagnes such as Dom Perignon and Romanée-Conti, as well as more affordable and delicious liquors. I am particularly particular about German wines that suit Japanese people. The reason for this is that it is located at latitude 50° north and is the only wine with low alcohol, low calorie and high mineral content that is more suitable for the Japanese constitution than sake. ※The Captain Tsubasa strap (¥540 per piece, tax included) is now on sale!<NOW ON SALE>Many tourists from overseas visit the store.

Free legal consultation is available on the third Wednesday of every month. 6:30 p.m. – Call for reservations in advance. Call 090-8686-2671.

The clinic was opened in February 2011 as a branch of the Saegusa Eye Clinic in Aoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. Our services include general ophthalmology, contact lens and eyeglasses, and eye examinations. Our main clinic, Saegusa Eye Clinic, also offers day surgery for cataracts and LASIK. The hospital has a barrier-free structure that allows wheelchairs and strollers to enter the restrooms. We also have a doctor who is strong in pediatric ophthalmology, so please feel free to visit us for a checkup of your small child.

All of our staff members strive to improve their studies and skills every day to become your “family osteopathic clinic” and welcome patients. In addition to the various health insurance policies, we also offer a full range of other self-pay treatments. Female staff members also work at the clinic, so female patients feel at ease coming to the clinic. In addition to getting rid of pain and suffering, it is very important to create a body that does not produce pain and suffering. Our clinic also offers preventive medicine, advice on how to stay healthy, and guidance on how to make your body healthy. But poultices and medication won’t fundamentally improve the situation! If you’re not feeling well, don’t give up, come to our clinic!

Fire, automobile, accident, liability, and other property insurance. There is no office sign, but there is an office inside.

We are working hard on the concept of not only women but men as well, from juniors to seniors. Ladies Shaving, Face Esthetics, Hair Esthetics, Dressing for Coming-of-Age Ceremony, Hakama Dressing…We look forward to seeing you soon. We offer a hair care store with our own point card.

Established in 1933, a kind and reliable store

We are offering a gift to those who newly designate annuity receipt at ! In addition, the Super Teiki “Wai Wai 500” for annuity recipients also offers great interest rates! Please designate to receive your pension.

Private lessons for ages 3 to adult.

Home-roasted coffee and spice dishes

Meat in general (beef, pork, chicken, mutton, ham, etc.). Wholesale and retail. Wholesale to Self-Defense Forces, schools, restaurants, etc.