I’m a jack-of-all-trades. Apartments, condominiums, parking lots. Buying, selling, and managing land and buildings. Legal advice. I also do other jobs. We often have tea regardless of work. A lot of children also come. Please feel free to drop by. The chairman’s hobby is photography.

We have been working hard here for many years to become the face of Horikiri. We have an extensive menu, so please come and visit us.

In addition to rice, we sell a variety of dried noodles. We also sell a variety of dried noodles, including “Hatsugama Udon,” “Kirishina Soba,” “Hiyamugi” and “Somen.

Soft on the outside and thick on the inside, these takoyaki are delicious even when cold. In order to reduce the powdery taste of wheat flour, we developed our own flour. The soup stock is made from katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), kombu (kelp), and harmony water for a high quality soup stock. The sauce is a special blend made with an authentic Kansai sauce company.

The bale hamburger steak is the most popular dish at this restaurant. Please feel free to stop by, whether you are alone or with your family. Every day on the 29th, we have a meat day menu! Our 1.5 times (270g) big hamburger steak, harami cut steak, and other takeout items are also very popular!

It was born in 1955 and has grown into a store with about 5,000 products under the motto of helping people live a richer life. Not to mention new Corona countermeasure products, water leaks, clogged toilets! Lock trouble! We are here to help you in such troubled times.

Inagakiya Funeral Home has been in business since 1878. Inagakiya Funeral Service has many certifications such as Funeral Consultant and Funeral Director Level 1. Inagaki-ya Funeral Parlor was established in 1878. He is the Iemoto of the Koryu school of flower arrangement. He has been featured in various media. Has conducted many funerals for famous people.

This is a place where you can have a drink while watching live horse racing 365 days a year! The second floor is a tatami room, so it can be used by groups. The second floor has a tatami room so groups can use it.

The all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink menu, which includes many of our popular dishes, is reasonably priced at 2,980 yen, and is also family-friendly, with children under three years old eating free and elementary school students and younger paying half price. Please leave it to us for various banquets such as year-end and New Year’s parties. The restaurant can accommodate up to 60 people!

Home remodeling: leaks, cracks in the exterior walls, railing installation, air conditioner installation, bath tub replacement, electrical work, etc. We can solve your home problems. Please feel free to contact us.

Inheriting the teachings of the 32nd Chutoku Soke of the Ogasawara Soryoke family, a book that is applicable to modern society called “Japanese Etiquette for Conveying Kindness” has been introduced to libraries in the ward. Together with matcha and sencha teas and calligraphy, you can easily learn about Japanese culture in your hometown.

We look forward to serving you with our homemade noodles, freshly made every morning and prepared in the traditional way. In case of inclement weather, we have a limited area, but please feel free to order delivery.

The Horikiri branch has a long history, as the founder started out with a “food cart” and made it his first store. We are looking forward to serving you.

We are a company that has been doing construction work in Katsushika and Tokyo for many years, mainly public works. We provide consultation and advice from the customer’s perspective. We have a wealth of information and a solid technical team that will do our best to help you, so please stop by our company.

Representative Osamu Iida serves as a member of the fire department, a guardian, and an officer of the local town council. He participates in shrine festivals, tennis, golf, and fishing parties. There is a telephone pole with his portrait on it on the street corner. Please feel free to call out to me if you see me.

We have Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes. As a sister restaurant of Raijuken Chinese Restaurant, we especially recommend Chinese cuisine. We offer each item at a reasonable price, so please come and visit us.

Arufa Shoten(Bookstore) is always willing to sell DVDs at very low prices and buy DVDs at high prices. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Miyoshi Yushi Oiland Fat, which produces the raw materials for breads and sweets, has opened a cafe. They bake breads and sweets using a variety of tasty ingredients including margarine, and welcome you with fragrant coffee and tea.

Hokkaido buckwheat flour, dried bonito flakes, Rishiri kelp, soba, udon, and rice. Soba, udon, and rice are available.

Lease, management, sales agency, land lease, parking lot. Consultation of real estate is always accepted. Open on Saturdays and Sundays.

We want our customers to enjoy their time at the hair salon with genuine techniques and warm hospitality. DRYCUT, which originated in New York, continues to evolve in its 30-year career.

The treatment is mainly based on manual techniques according to the symptoms of the injury. House calls are also available. Please feel free to consult with us. Please feel free to contact us.

It can be washed and used repeatedly, has a good texture and adheres well to the face. Economical and you can choose your favorite color and pattern. Handicraft artists are particular about their masks!

Our company is based in Katsushika-ku, and we operate on the basis of community-based trust. We will introduce you to a wide range of rental apartments, houses for rent, and stores for rent! Please feel free to contact us about anything related to real estate, such as “I want to sell,” “I want to buy,” and “I want to rent.

Sashimi buffet is now available. Every day we offer a 100 yen discount on one serving. We also have delicious grilled and boiled fish!

We are always supported by our local customers, and we will continue our efforts to be a good advisor to our customers. We look forward to working with you.。

It is a hidden restaurant. You can enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere. You can also enjoy a delicious drink with your meal.

Handles new publications, books, magazines, and comics. You can use your library card. Books not available in the store can be ordered.

Enjoy our popular ramen, half fried rice, and other authentic Chinese dishes at your leisure.

This is a delicatessen that uses seasonal vegetables. Every day, we make about ten different kinds of stews and salads. It is more like a side menu. If you are short of a dish or two, we are looking forward to serving you.

This is a place where you can eat warm rice balls. This is a great place for mountain friends, barbecues, swimming, and hiking.

We are proud of our homemade pizzas and pastas, as well as our tomato sauces, dressings, and other dishes that are all handmade. We hope to bring a smile to the faces of all our customers, from single customers to families, with a space that everyone can enjoy and delicious food!

Japanese Wagyu beef, Japanese pork, and Japanese chicken can be cut in the quantity and way you like. We have more than 20 kinds of homemade delicacies such as fried food, roast pork, gyoza (dumplings), yakitori, quail rolls, burdock rolls, and hamburgers. Please feel free to stop by.

We have been in this business for over 57 years. My father was trained in shina soba and siumai. I was trained at a first-class hotel in Tokyo. We hope you enjoy our dishes that are a combination of the past and present. Please also visit our sister store, Delica Gourmand.

Taiyakis are filled with bean jam. The yakitori are all made in Japan and sold at a reasonable price. Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) are also cheap and delicious. Soft ice cream is also available. Try it for yourself.

Founded in 1925, we are the only JA Uonuma Minami authorized distributor in Katsushika-ku. We purchase organic rice (pesticide-free), specially cultivated rice (pesticide-reduced), and other specialty rice directly from farmers, and sell them at our store for 1 kg of unpolished rice. Freshly milled rice is delicious! Please visit the store.

We are proud to say that we are the cheapest restaurant in the area for both meals and pubs. All of our dishes are handmade, and our menu, other than the standard items, is constantly changing based on our own ideas. We hope you will visit our restaurant and get to know our taste. Anyway, it’s cheap!

Funerals have changed dramatically. What hasn’t changed is how we send our loved ones off with all our hearts. With us, you can be sure that your funeral will be exactly as you want it to be. We offer low cost services by using our own funeral halls and transportation vehicles. We are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In our clinic, we tailor our treatment to the symptoms of each individual patient. In addition to electrotherapy, we also offer painless pelvic adjustment therapy, zero-gravity traction therapy for painful back pain, and exercise equipment that can be attached to the legs for muscle training and weight loss.

One minute from Horikiri-Shobuen Station on the Keisei Main Line! We promise to assist you sincerely and carefully in matters related to “I want to buy,” “I want to sell,” “I want to rent,” and “I want to borrow” housing. We offer free consultations and appraisals for sale and inheritance.

The seasoning sauce, miso, kimchi, etc. for the barbecue are all homemade originals.

Established in 1958, Someya Eyeglasses is located in front of Horikiri-Shobuen Station. We provide a comfortable and reliable eyeglass life for each customer with our rich technology and close attention to their lifestyle.

We are proud of our highly reproducible design cuts that take advantage of each individual’s personality. We have a wide variety of magazines and comics waiting for you. For those who are concerned about scalp care, we recommend our head spa.

We recommend the fried rice and dumplings that represent Machi Chuka, as well as set meals, snacks, and delicious draft beer. New menu items such as Tantanmen and Taiwanese ramen are also popular.

We are a real estate agency in town run by a family, including the chairman who will turn 91 this year. Katsushika-ku has become a town friendly to the child-rearing generation, ranking first in the ranking of towns where it is easy to work together and raise children. Please feel free to visit us if you have any questions about housing.

This is a Filipino pub that can be enjoyed by one person or a group. We are sure that you will be pleased with our cheerful store. The Maganda staff is waiting for you.

You can choose how spicy it is and how much, and you can adjust the spiciness. Small spicy, medium spicy, large spicy, and even super large spicy! Please taste our curry.

We are a ramen specialty restaurant that mainly serves ramen and tsukemen. Ramen with lots of flavor and heaps of vegetables! There are free toppings to make the ramen suit you. Do you want to add garlic? We also offer take-out!

We take the form of a full appointment system in order to spend time with each customer in a relaxed atmosphere. It is a place where people who don’t like large stores can feel at ease.

When you open the door to the salon, you will find yourself in a beach resort space. You can improve yourself with the slimming machine, Hyper Knife. We will lead you to a refreshing body with our skillful techniques. Enjoy a special private time….

Direct import of Hawaiian goods. There are many goods you can’t find in Japan. The store is truly HAWAII, so come visit us!

Weddings, funerals, and ceremonies. We have bouquets, flower arrangements, orchids, and other flowers for a variety of occasions.

Bicycle sales and repair. Our motto is to provide the best after-sales service for our products, and we strive to be a “leg up” for the local community by attracting many repeat customers. For repairs, come to our store with “God’s hands”! We look forward to serving you.

Starting with our famous dumplings, we offer Chinese food, set meals, and drinks. We hope you enjoy your time here with our delicious dishes.

We have been based here for more than 40 years. We are still working hard on our business.

It is a very cheerful place where everyone from amateurs to experts can enjoy themselves. Please come and visit us.

We always try to have a variety of dishes available, such as sashimi of freshly caught white fish, fried okoze, and shiba-ebi (shrimp) kakiage. Inaniwa udon and meals are also available.

Try searching for “antiquarian books, Aoki Shoten.

This is a cheap sozai store. Large selection! Skewers and salads are also recommended.

We look forward to serving you with dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. Please stop by and visit us.

We are open for business every day with the help of everyone. We will continue to create a harmonious store.。

We are particular about everything from ingredients to seasonings. We are a lively and cheerful restaurant. We hope you will enjoy the satisfying taste.

We are an at-home snack bar that has been loved by the locals for many years, with staff in their 20s and 30s! We have a lot of events, drinking and singing. We welcome you with a smile every day!

Enjoy the fragrant aroma and the robust taste of rice. It is a rice cracker store with a wide variety of flavors such as shrimp, green tea, and red pepper, not to mention the exquisite crunchiness.

We have a wide variety of food and drinks on our menu. Our popular dishes include delicious sashimi purchased from Adachi Market, chicken nanban with authentic Miyazaki flavor, and handmade thick fried chicken. We also have thin rolls, tempura, skewers, and grilled fish.

This is a restaurant that can be used by one person or a family. The sauce and seasonings are handmade by the owner. We have a wide variety of meats and hormones, and the manager’s mother tongue, tandoori chicken, is one of our most popular dishes! Please come and visit us!

We offer tennis and badminton gut re-tensioning services. Please enjoy a relaxing time with a cup of coffee in our cafe space.

Mama’s whimsical menu changes daily. The beef tendon, which is simmered for over five hours, is especially popular! There are counter and table seats, and the restaurant can accommodate from one person to up to 15 people. This is a place where everyone can enjoy drinking and singing together.

We have confidence in all of our dishes! We hope you will enjoy our delicious, firm ramen.

We are a clinic for internal medicine, urology, and surgery. We would like to be a clinic where you can consult us about anything and feel at ease. Please feel free to consult us if you have any problems or concerns about your body.

In business since 1967. It is a general supermarket dealing in fresh foods, groceries, daily sundries, and clothing. All of our employees look forward to serving you.

Chokipeta is a family salon that provides high quality services at reasonable prices and allows you to enjoy fashion in a casual atmosphere.

One minute walk from Horikiri-Shobuen station. It is located next to Akafudado. No appointment is necessary. We strive to provide medical care that is in line with medical guidelines, painless treatment (using local anesthesia) with consent, and active cooperation with medical institutions.

The ingredients and methods are exactly the same as those used in the Taiwanese stores, providing the same local flavor. We use three kinds of tea: oolong, black, and jasmine, all of which have been carefully selected to go well with tapioca milk tea after visiting various places.

We are proud of our juicy meat. Fill your heart and stomach with Hisafire!

About 90 seconds from Horikiri-Shobuen Station, you can enjoy the food of Thailand, the land of smiles. Half-size salads and half-and-half meals are also very popular and easy for first-time customers to order. Delivery and takeout are also available to suit your lifestyle.