We make traditional tofu and processed soy products. We try our best to provide delicious tofu to our customers.

Women’s high fashion store. Kamakura Elementary School’s designated store for sportswear and swimwear. Men’s and women’s underwear always at a discount!

We have been in business since 1954.
We deal in Japanese and foreign cigarettes and have three cola vending machines.

Imamura Land Co.
Tokyo Governor’s License (11) No. 39222
Member of the Tokyo Building Lots and Buildings Dealers Association As a real estate agent mainly in the local area of Katsushika Edogawa, we have continued to be conscious of contributing to the safety and security of the community, and have been in business for a long time to faithfully respond to our customers’ housing inquiries. If you have any questions about land, building, transfer, purchase, apartment or condominium lease or management, please contact our office.

I’m on my own at the moment, so I give priority to appointments, so please give me a call.

Our homemade products such as udon, soba, yakisoba, and fresh Chinese noodles are made with the natural taste in mind, without using any additives.

Mitsuwa Pharmacy Daini Takasago is a store with diabetology, dermatology, and psychosomatic medicine nearby. It is close to Keisei Takasago Station, and is open until 8:00 p.m. on some days of the week, making it easy to use.
The waiting room is spacious, and we change the decorations in the store seasonally to make it a comfortable and bright space for people of all ages.

Our staff is looking forward to seeing you. For more information, please visit our website.

No.1: Epi ($346): A flavorful bucket dough filled with chocolate chips. The texture of the slightly bitter chocolate, which is crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, is excellent.
No.2: Shitamachi rusk ($216)Sugar rusk made with homemade natural yeast campagne and baked slowly at low temperature.

Marimo Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from medical institutions nationwide.

It is a short (3 hours and 15 minutes) day service facility specializing in bathing, with the motto, “Care that I would like to receive and that my family would like to receive.

Leave it to us to help you with your back and knee pain!

We aim to be an ophthalmology clinic that is loved by the local community.

Our restaurant is a creative dining experience where you can enjoy Chinese cuisine that makes the most of seasonal ingredients. We cook with less oil, so that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy our food with peace of mind. We also offer seasonal course menus, all-you-can-drink plans, and lunch menus, so please stop by when you are in Takasago or Shibamata. ※The restaurant has 32 seats, including tables and small seating areas.

We deal in a wide range of products, including construction hardware, Sunday carpentry products, household goods, cleaning products, keys (made in Japan), and tools. We can also replace the screen door. Character goods are also available. We are also happy to help you with any questions you may have.

A store for cotton futons and handmade futons that are kind to the body. The fabric is reworked to make it fluffy. Each piece is carefully finished by specialized craftsmen. Please feel free to contact us.

We are open from 4:00 a.m., so if your child has an athletic event, a field trip, or any other urgent event, we have a variety of side dishes to help you out.

Watches: battery replacement, band replacement, repair (hand-wound, automatic, quartz) Eyeglasses: Optometry and ophthalmology prescriptions are available. Hearing aids: Do you have hearing problems? Please contact us for a consultation. Jewelry and precious metals: Reforming, ubiquitous processing, and repairs are available.

As a designated nursing care facility by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we mainly provide home care services by dispatching home helpers. When it comes to nursing care, it has become the norm for people to receive support through nursing care insurance and to provide safe and comfortable care without having to go through the hardships and strains of nursing care for themselves and their families. We hope to contribute more and more to the community through nursing care for the aging society that will be further advanced in the future.

Our motto is “freshly made and handmade by husband and wife! That’s our motto. Please stop by and visit us.

We have been baking only “Meishiro Iriyama Senbei” by hand for 40 years. Unfortunately, rice crackers are probably not the current trend. However, “Meishiro Iriyama Senbei” is naturally dried (in the sun or in the air), and is exposed to the winds of the four seasons. We hope you enjoy the natural flavor of our hard-baked rice crackers, baked with care and time, and without going against nature.

It is a bright and friendly pharmacy with a downtown atmosphere. We also handle a wide range of prescriptions from nearby Ogiwara Otolaryngology and other medical institutions. We aim to be a family pharmacy that can deepen trust with patients.

We are committed to strengthening the functions of community-based finance, based on our management policy of placing the highest priority on the interests of the “local community” where people living in the community can interact with each other in a lively manner, wishing for the prosperity of all businesses, and functioning as a “comprehensive lifestyle center” that serves as the “core” of the local community.

It is open as a karaoke cafe during the day.

Facing Shibamata Kaido, the store is a little conspicuous. It has been 40 years since the restaurant was established in Kamakura-cho, and is now run by the second and third generations of the family. Recommendations include tanmen, fried rice, dumplings, daily lunch, and many other dishes. The noodles, which are made with ingenuity to prevent stretching, are our original noodles. We use 100% Uonuma-grown Koshihikari rice. We look forward to serving you.

Delicious Wagyu beef is used.

We also offer delivery of pork cutlets, hamburgers, curry, etc.

Tatami fortifications in one style

Handling of Katsushika-ku common gift certificates Stationery, office supplies, seals, and a wide selection of products. Japan Law Style Store

Ice is available all year round. (In the main Haru Sushi restaurant)

Refurbished futons (with cotton batting and broadcloth) (tailoring), down and wool futon repair. Back pain futons are available for consultation. We have a wide variety of character products (Disney, Kitty, etc.).

・Furniture repair (hardware replacement, drawer adjustment)
・Furniture repair (replacement of metal fittings, adjustment of drawers)
・Paulownia wardrobe shaving, furniture moving, special order
・We have been making furniture for 68 years, so please feel free to ask us anything about furniture.

Gym in Keisei Koiwa. Equipped with hot yoga studio, swimming pool, indoor golf school, spa, and osteopathic clinic. You do not need to be a member to participate in the exercise classes for the elderly. Swimming, dance, gymnastics, and karate schools for infants and elementary school students are also available.
Trial lessons are available at any time. Please feel free to call us.

Since our establishment in 1974, our main business has been the logistics of alcoholic beverages. Based on the know-how we have acquired since our establishment, we have been making efforts day and night to meet the needs of shippers in various fields. In addition, to respond to the recent changes in the logistics situation, we are strongly focusing on securing and training human resources, environmental issues, and improving safety as a 3PL company. In the future, we hope to make further progress by establishing ourselves as a logistics partner that can make appropriate proposals for the logistics reforms of consignor companies.

Sheet glass repair, sales of home aluminum sash related products (balconies, fences, gates, entrances, bathrooms, etc.), repair, installation, construction, and complete repair. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

Color business cards, color postcards (photos acceptable), various greeting cards, various slips, envelopes, menus, etc. Offset printing in general

General Internal Medicine, Circulatory Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Gastroenterology, Diabetes, Pediatrics

There are two parking spaces (during weekday business hours only) available along Shibamata Kaido.

I am good at baby hairdressing.

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter: peace of mind. We are a safe and reliable barber store. We look forward to serving you.

With a calm atmosphere and sincere service, we will help you have a safe family funeral.Please feel free to contact us at any time for a preliminary funeral consultation or tour. Please feel free to contact us. One funeral a day.

From minor repairs to snow stoppering and roof replacement (new tiles and roofing materials), we can help you with all your roofing needs. 86 years in business

Osteopathy (osteopathy), acupuncture, moxibustion, rehabilitation, massage
Insurance is available for all treatments.
We are open on Sundays, urgent care is available at any time, and residential treatment pickup is available.

30 years of close contact with the community. We can handle all your house-related problems. We think from the customer’s point of view and make suggestions while building a house. We also have a real estate department, so we can give you comprehensive advice.

This is a decoction-only treatment by a Chinese medicine specialist.

In business for over 45 years! We want to provide not only cars, but also trust and peace of mind. In addition to selling new and used cars, we aim to be a “purchasing agent for customers” rather than a selling agent. Cars purchased at other stores, imported cars, and parallel imported cars are also welcome! We provide total support for vehicle inspection, maintenance, sheet metal painting, dress-up, and insurance.

Gas station on the first floor, auto body shop on the second floor. It is a convenient and safe auto repair shop where you can refuel and wash your car! We also sell cars.

We clean each item with great care. Please feel free to consult us about your precious clothes. (General clothing, jutans, Japanese clothes, leather, fur, storage, repair, etc.)

We focus on men’s hair and iron perms for a soft, effortless and natural look. We offer shaving and facial massage services for women. (Reservations can be made from 9:00 to 14:00) We also offer hairdressing services for the elderly and physically and mentally handicapped.

Even first-time painters can have fun. We will teach you gently and carefully, so please come and join us. I look forward to seeing you.

Real estate business focusing on the brokerage and management of rental apartments and condominiums. We also offer computer classes at any time. We are studying day and night to resolve the concerns of our customers. Qualifications: Chief Real Estate Agent / Financial Planner / System Administrator

We plan, produce, and construct various types of signs, such as information boards, bulletin boards, venue signs, banners, acrylic signs, metal signs, corrosion-resistant nameplates, electric signs, neon signs, and tenant signs. Please consult us about silk screen printing, large inkjet output, and sign repair. Free estimates.

Authorized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government