We moved from Tateishi 7-chome to 4-chome on July 16.Our restaurant has been well known in the community as a place where people can enjoy the taste of yakiniku in a casual setting.Before starting this restaurant, I ran an authentic yakiniku restaurant.Inheriting the taste of a yakiniku restaurant that has been in Katsushika for 30 years, the restaurant still serves homemade sauce, gochujang (Korean red pepper paste), and kimchi.The meat is grilled by the owner in an ami after receiving an order.The taste of an authentic yakiniku restaurant can be easily enjoyed in a restaurant or as a boxed lunch.

We started out as a yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant, but after a long time, we are now operating as a general izakaya (Japanese style pub) with a menu that will keep our customers coming back for more.

Health insurance is available.We focus on the treatment of injuries and treatments that cannot be cured anywhere else.Nighttime treatment available (TEL required).Physical therapy and exercise therapy are also provided to achieve radical cure.

We have been operating 28 units since April 1991.4 minutes from Keisei Tateishi Station, 11 minutes from Aoto Station.Narita/Haneda is just one stop away!Convenient for overseas and metropolitan area escape. 3 internet connections (JCOM, KDDI, NTT East), good internet environment!(CATV available) Room sharing and office use available. See the website for details.

We reopened on December 9, 2015.Please come out and join us.This is an exhibition and sales facility opened by craftsmen belonging to the “Traditional Industry Craftsmen Association” active in Katsushika-ku.The museum displays the works of 23 qualified traditional craftsmen, including faceting, shamisen, cutlery, wood carving, silverware, tortoiseshell, and inden.It is only in Katsushika that such a large number of works can be collected in Japan.You will have a luxurious time just by looking at it. Once a month, a craftsman leads a hands-on class.

Our branch is located in Tateishi, Katsushika, which reminds us of the good old days of the Showa era. We are committed to assisting our customers in managing their assets by using products that meet their needs, mainly stocks, investment trusts, and foreign bonds. Our staff is looking forward to serving you.

I want to be beautiful,” “I want to change my image,” “I want to be healed,” and “I want to express my individuality.” We respond to these various wishes with careful techniques and customer service, and place importance on providing advice and follow-up services that suit each individual customer. The head cure in the spa booth is popular among customers for its superb healing time. Please try it out.

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If you are physically challenged or unable to go outside, a barber will come to your home and cut your hair.

If you have a stomachache, you take medicine. If you get injured, you take a bandage. So, why do we leave what we don’t know as it is? This disease called “neglect” is neither painful nor itchy, but it is definitely eroding the potential of children.Taro-kun, Hanako-san. Cram schools and grocery stores are the same. They both sell things and get paid for it. However, what the cram school sells is not something tangible like radishes or apples. It is understanding and knowledge. I’ll be able to read from your expression that you have indeed received it. I will never leave you empty-handed.

We established Tokyo Ceremonies in 1988 with the aim of creating funeral services that allow people to express their gratitude to each other, and to nurture the spirit of gratitude throughout society. We have established a membership system called the “Thanks Club” to support the lives of our members. It offers a full range of benefits that are useful not only for funerals, but also for everyday life, such as shopping in the neighborhood! ◎Discounts on funeral services, Buddhist altar equipment, etc. ◎Discounts and services at more than 30 partner stores in the area ◎Priority invitations to Company-sponsored functions and eventsDiscounts are available from the day you join. Please contact us for details.

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Records are meant to be broken. We look forward to seeing you first thing in the morning.