We moved from Tateishi 7-chome to 4-chome on July 16. Grilled skewers of fresh pork hormone with secret miso sauce. We aim to be a restaurant loved by the locals.

We offer good sashimi and good food at reasonable prices!

This popular restaurant is known as “nonna” when it comes to pasta in Tateishi. We recommend about 40 kinds of fresh pasta, from the standard “Arrabbiata” to the ponzu-flavored “Naganegi and pork with oroshi ponzu soy sauce” and the popular “Tarako kimchi mayonnaise” for women. We also offer a wide variety of creative dishes such as “Honey Cheese Tofu,” a dish that goes well with red wine.

We are open every Saturday and Sunday. Endoscopy is also available on Saturdays and Sundays. Pediatrics is also available.

Full body treatment with chiropractic and massage. Insurance is accepted for injuries only. Please consult us about traffic accidents.