A branch of Asakusa Funawa, famous for its sweet potato yokan. The alcoholic drink (green tea high) and the sweet potato yokan are a perfect match. A variety of sweet and savory dishes are available. Many take-out and souvenir items are available. Wheelchairs and baby carriages are welcome! Kishimen 530 yen, Yakisoba 480 yen, sweet potato yokan (1 piece) 120 yen, bean paste balls 100 yen and up

Yakitori is a simple dish of meat skewered and grilled, but it has a lot of depth and appeal.

It is a family-style restaurant with counter seating for 10 people and box seating for about 30 people, where you can sing and dance.

We have been in business in Tateishi since 1959, and our main menu is Yakitori. The owner is an analogue, so we don’t have a website, but if you come to Tateishi and think of yakitori, please visit us.

Examples of menu items: grilled mackerel with salt, mackerel miso, ham and eggs, etc. Please come and try it!

We look forward to seeing you there.

We offer a wide range of electrical services, from replacing electrical outlets, switches and light bulbs to electrical installation. We sell and handle a variety of home appliances at the Mitsubishi Electric Store.

One month intensive, skin care monitor wanted! After counseling, we will provide skin care that suits your skin and weekly ultrasonic esthetic treatments to keep your skin in good condition. 3,000 yen – please take this opportunity to try it out.

Please feel free to contact us if you do not know the boundary between you and your neighbor, if you have built or demolished a building, or if you do not know the registration procedure.

Our motto is “out of the rut,” and we are always looking for new ideas. Please try our cleansing head spa and hyaluronic acid shave. We also pay special attention to hygiene and disinfection. Our razors are disinfected in front of you, so please don’t worry. Please enjoy the shampoo that changes with the seasons!

It will be an unprecedented haircutting salon that includes pre-consultation, cutting, styling, and after-consultation.

Dressing (reservation required)

We handle everything from individual travel to group travel. We offer domestic and international travel.