You can enjoy authentic curry.


Convenient store in front of Kyobasaishi Station! Omakase Kaisen-don (seafood rice bowl)” with different ingredients every day! We use “Donmaru Kinbei Rice” which is very tasty and healthy.

We also offer all-you-can-drink packages with our banquet courses.

We specialize in dandan noodles. Please try the owner’s special dandan noodles.

The clean interior. It is an old-fashioned bar where you can enjoy a lively atmosphere every day from noon to 1 am.

After passing through the goodwill, you will find yourself in a restaurant with a nostalgic Showa retro atmosphere. There are a variety of dishes on the menu, including grilled onions that will make you want to drink more.

You can enjoy “Choco Kuro,” a crispy croissant dough wrapped in chocolate, and a cup of coffee made to order in a relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy a relaxing moment.

Doutor Coffee Shop provides customers with comfort and vitality through a cup of coffee. Doutor Coffee Shop provides customers with the authentic taste of coffee at a low price. We also have a full food menu. Please stop by and visit us.

It is an Osaka style of kushikatsu, but we have changed it so that people in Tokyo can enjoy it more than the Osaka style. The flour and breadcrumbs are light, and the sauce is a blend of three Osaka manufacturers. For the oil, we use vegetable oil instead of lard. It is a product that can be fried and eaten quickly.

Dedicated quality at an affordable price! 18th of every month is “Tenya Day”. The 18th of every month is “Tenya Day”. 390 yen (tax included) for in-store and take-out.

At Origin Bento Kyobashi, we mainly sell boxed lunches, prepared foods by weight, and salads. We operate under the management philosophy of putting our customers’ health first and continuing to provide our customers with safe, carefully selected, and delicious ingredients. Even if we don’t have a product on the shelves, we may be able to make it for you if you give us some time, so please feel free to contact us.

Eat and be healthy! Drink and be well! The staff is waiting for you with a smile.

Every day, our entire staff will treat you with the utmost care. We will provide you with good food, good drinks, and pleasant service, so please come and visit us.

With an emphasis on community relations, we are a popular kappou restaurant that is proud of our sashimi and other seafood dishes, as well as our carefully selected 16 types of local sake.

The freshly brewed coffee blend is very delicious.

Our store, which has been in business for 100 years, also operates a flower wholesale business, so we offer fresh, high-quality flowers to satisfy customers who seek individuality with a wide variety of floral materials. We are also close to Symphony Hills and Yotsugi Saibaijo, so we can respond quickly.

In addition to the above, we also have a variety of other products and services, such as stamps, money orders, gift certificates, gold, platinum, precious metals (xxx), trading cards, comics, game software, game consoles, books, paperbacks, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and other items to help you organize your belongings.

If you want to eat barbecue with your family or have a barbecue, our restaurant is seasoning free. We have a variety of ribs, loin, minnows, and hormones. We also have namul, kimchi, bean sprouts, and more. If you have a large quantity of food, please place your order by phone. You don’t have to wait long for your order.

A Japanese confectionery store focusing on rice cakes. We have a variety of unique Japanese sweets, such as “Anashikusa Mochi” filled with mugwort without bean jam and the nostalgic “Su-ama”. Among them, the “fried dumplings” with a special soy sauce sauce sauce, which the owner is particular about making, is popular nationwide. We are also proud of our fluffy sekihan (red rice), which we arrived at through a lot of ingenuity.

This is a Frou-Frou women’s fashion store. Pretty! Lovely! Stylish! We are a select store that offers a wide range of clothing at reasonable prices. Please stop by.

We’re aiming for No.1 in customer satisfaction! We are sincerely looking forward to serving you.

FamilyMart provides users with a sense of security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff serve customers while considering the changing customer base and the feelings of regular customers depending on the time of day. We always put the customer first in our work. In the case of regular customers, the staff may anticipate the items to be purchased and prepare them as soon as they enter the store. We also devise a layout of the store so that customers are not overwhelmed.。

The second Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2020, and the first one was in 1964, and I saw the torch passing through Okudo Kaido with the “Tateishi Station Manager”, and I hope to see it again. I hope to see it again. I am also an advisor to the “Edo Wagon” at the Nakagawa Funabansho Museum. I am also an advisor for the “Edo Japanese Rods” in the Nakagawa Museum. I am looking forward to seeing you.

We are a partner for all those who desire beauty and health! Now accepting Universal Drug Point Card members! Every Saturday and Sunday, points are multiplied by 10 for purchases of 2,000 yen or more! Please feel free to ask our staff at the store to apply.

Shoes are love. The reason for this is because they wrap around the big toe or blistered feet. The shape of each person’s feet is different, depending on the time and day. Shoes are often thought to be inconspicuous, but they are an item with a strong presence that shows the person’s personality. That is why we want to help you choose the perfect pair of shoes to the best of our ability. We will help you find the best “Cinderella shoes” to fit your feet.

In business for over 80 years…. We have been in business for more than 80 years, and all of our sweets are handmade to ensure that they are safe and delicious.

We deal with toys all over the world.

The store is filled with super special prices on everything from children’s clothing to senior clothing and accessories. It is a clothing and sundry store that is close to home. There are families with three generations of parents and children. Basically, we don’t serve customers, so you can look for bargains on your own. This may be the reason why we are attracting more and more young customers these days. Please stop by as if you were on a treasure hunt.

One minute walk from Tateishi Station! We’re open until 9pm! If you are suffering from osteopathy, massage, pelvic correction, back pain, or stiff shoulders, please leave it to us at Tateishi Ekimae Osteopathic Clinic. Leave it to us for traffic accident treatment and whiplash treatment! Our compulsory treatment is supervised by a doctor, so it is safe, effective, and safe!

If your dentures don’t fit, if you are interested in dental implants, or if you want your teeth whitened and cleaned, please contact us anytime.

Clubhouse Yume Gen is a place where you can throw, poke, sing, drink, and play. You can play darts and billiards at a very reasonable price, so please use it as a place to practice. The clubhouse also has a counter bar and hosts many events such as live music, sports games, and DISCO. The spacious space can also be rented out for wives’ meetings or parties with relatives, friends, or companies. We also have a projector and screen, so if you would like to use the space for a wedding party or birthday party, our staff will be happy to help. We look forward to seeing you there!

We offer not only cell phones and smartphones, but also home phones (landline and internet). Aiming to be a community-based store, we offer consultation services not only for cell phones but also for other small matters. We look forward to seeing you at our store with your whole family.