This Chinese restaurant is popular among female customers for its healthy dishes using seasonal vegetables. We make our own food from seasonings and include more than 10 kinds of stir-fried vegetables. The seasonal menu that changes with the seasons is also popular. The 30 seats on the second floor can be used for women’s parties.

We are a long-established soba restaurant that has been in business for over 90 years. We offer a wide variety of dishes such as kaiseki cuisine, Japanese set menus, and shabu-shabu, in addition to our special buckwheat noodles made with domestic stone-ground Kirishita buckwheat flour. We have a large hall that can accommodate up to 45 people, as well as a variety of small and large private tatami rooms, so please use them for banquets and memorial services. Four private parking spaces are available. We have installed tables and chairs in our tatami rooms. We have introduced tables and chairs in our tatami rooms so that the elderly can use them without worry.

Did you know that Satsuma-age is not only used as a kind of oden, but is originally eaten as is? Our Satsuma-age is not only a side dish, but also a snack to accompany drinks, a snack for children, etc. It is loved by everyone, young and old. Of course, it can also be used as a kind of oden! A picture is worth a thousand words. Please stop by. We also offer local delivery.

Our manager, who is certified as a sommelier and a sake rikishi by the Japan Sommelier Association, has visited Europe and carefully selected imported wines, sake directly from the brewery, imported beer, and a wide variety of food products. Please come and visit us.

Thanks to your support, the Tateishi branch has celebrated its 28th anniversary. We will continue to do our best to be a store that is close to everyone, always ready to help.

We deal in a wide range of products from shopping bicycles to full-fledged road bikes. Please feel free to ask us anything about bicycles.

Our rice crackers and okaki crackers are 100% made in Japan, and are very popular among our customers as a handmade method. In addition to our popular products such as Ginza Mochi, Negimiso Sembe, Futanorimaki, and Onikko, we also have a wide variety of Kyoto sweets such as Ningyo-yaki and Ama-natto. We also have a wide variety of gift items, and our products are popular for use as gifts for Buddhist memorial services. We have special sales on the 1st and 15th of every month. The 1st and 15th of every month are special sales days, and we look forward to seeing you at our store.

We provide freshly made products with a focus on after-order production.

Renewal opening in November 2013. We accept reservations for birthday cakes, celebrations, mid-year gifts, year-end gifts, and other special occasions. Please feel free to contact us. We also accept reservations by phone. We also ship cakes nationwide. On September 8, 2013, we started selling Captain Tsubasa Sable, a delicious product that shoots a winning goal.

It was established in Shibaura in 1931 and moved to Tateishi soon after. The shop is proud of its wide selection of breads, with about 150 varieties always on hand. Among them, there are many breads arranged with vegetables. “Bread is often eaten in the morning, so we take nutritional balance into consideration,” he says. The shop is loved by everyone in the neighborhood, and there are regular customers who have been coming for three or four generations.

It is a long-established sake store that has been in business for 80 years, and the fourth-generation owner has many qualifications, including wine advisor, whiskey professional, and sake specialist evaluator, of which there are only 60 or so in Japan. The store stocks a wide range of sake, including local sake, wine, Scotch whisky, shochu, and other rare liquors, and also provides information on its blog and other media to convey the appeal of sake.

Every month on the seventh day of the month, points are multiplied by 10. (If the 7th day of the month falls on a Sunday or a national holiday, it will be the following day.

The salon is safe even for small children.。

First, let’s make sure you understand the trial balance! This is where we start our relationship with our clients. Without a clear trial balance, a company (business) plan (numerical plan for one year to the future) cannot be created. At the same time, the president’s intention (management policy) should also be clarified. We work every day to support our clients in creating a plan, executing it, revising it, and then executing it in order to make it better for each client.

You can enjoy the relaxing feeling of being in a spa. Please enjoy the shampoo table.

I try to be a careful beauty.

We strive to understand even the slightest changes for animals that cannot speak. We treat dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and birds. Please feel free to consult us about your pet’s physical condition, daily questions, diet, etc.

We will continue to evolve in order to deliver the best possible entertainment space to local stores.

The catering department of a fish shop that used to be located in Tateishi became independent and opened its doors as “Uotsugu” 52 years ago. The founder was involved in the establishment of the Senju Market and purchases seasonal seafood from wholesalers he has known since that time. The most popular menu is “Toritakemono,” which offers the recommended snacks of the day. It is also popular among women and families.

We have a wide variety of reasonably priced snacks, drinks, and dishes. We also have a small tatami room where you can dine with small children without worrying about them.