Starbucks Coffee opened a Kakiniku store in Nakameguro with a roasting plant on February 28, 2007. Gen-an has been pursuing the best tasting buckwheat flour in Tokyo by equipping the store with eight large stone milling trees, two Iwata-type de-hulling machines, and other excellent buckwheat flour production equipment since 1999.

We carry a variety of pet foods and premium foods. Please stop by with your dogs and cats.

Founded in 1925, Koshinuya is the only store in Katsushika-ku that is designated as a JA Uonuma Minami store. We purchase organic and specially grown rice directly from farmers and always have more than 35 kinds of rice on hand. We always have more than 35 varieties of rice for sale. Freshly milled rice is delicious! We also offer delivery, but please come to the store.

We have been providing good products for 90 years, including interior accessories, kitchen utensils with excellent design from Japan and abroad that can be used as gifts, traditional aluminum products, Noda enameled products, woks, and other products for professional restaurants.

We can also repair luxury watches by Rolex specialist craftsmen.

We will decorate the last days of the deceased with high quality hospitality. We will help you with everything.