We also carry children’s books and study reference books. Come and take a look! We look forward to your orders. We are also happy to deliver.

We hope you enjoy the taste of the food that we have carefully selected.

I am taking over my father’s business. Our menu includes general hairdressing, cold perms, iron perms, hair dyeing, and face shaving for women. We also accept reservations. Our phone number is 080-5056-4498.

Why don’t you decorate your room with artificial flowers? We also have frames, bags for going out, and more. We also have stationery for children. We look forward to seeing you.

We deliver milk, yogurt, etc. to your home. The number of units delivered will be placed in a special box at the entrance of the house according to the customer’s request.

Our motto is to make you feel at ease with a smile, and we will provide you with techniques and sincerity that will satisfy you in the spirit of “once in a lifetime”.

Shobu Kaikan is a hall suitable for small family funerals and private funerals. We also accept cremation-only farewell funerals for a low fee and no waste. There is no charge for the use of the ceremony hall or for the mortuary care of the body. We also offer free consultations and estimates for funeral services at any time.

The store stands quietly in a shopping street called Shobuen-dori Shohwa-kai, halfway between the station and Horikiri-Shobuen. It is a take-out store specializing in eel kabayaki and tsukudani.

We are a dispensing pharmacy that focuses on prescriptions. Please use us as your family pharmacy in the community. We accept prescriptions from all hospitals and clinics. Please feel free to stop by and consult with us not only about your medications, but also about your health and nursing care.

Above all, we value dialogue with our patients.

Our clinic is dedicated to helping you improve your health through hands-on, heartfelt treatment. (Acupuncture and moxibustion are available.) Please feel free to consult us for any acute injuries such as sports injuries, sprains, bruises, sprained back, wrong side of the bed, stiff shoulders, numbness, etc.

We moved our office to a new location in March this year, and now provide in-home care support (care manager), home-visit care (helper), and in-home care for disability welfare services. If you have any problems or inconveniences in your daily life, please feel free to contact us.

We strive to provide courteous service and techniques from the customer’s point of view.

We have a wide range of kitchen and household items, including a variety of easy-to-use tools. We also have a large selection of cigarettes, which is rare in this day and age! We look forward to serving you.

We will provide you with a hairstyle that suits you. Please feel free to contact us.

A store that manufactures and sells a variety of noodles, including dried noodles and fresh ramen noodles, using only carefully selected natural ingredients. Please try the long cold noodles and kishimen for business use as a souvenir of Horikiri Shobuen.

Enjoy sushi, chirashi, various maki rolls, tempura, karaage, chawanmushi, etc., as well as set menus and course meals, all in the comfort of a hori-kotatsu style tatami room.

We recommend going to the market every morning to purchase the freshest seafood.

The best service dish is the 5 pieces of fresh sashimi purchased from Adachi Market. The most popular dish is the Kobe Nagata yakisoba.

Perm dyeing to improve and protect (perm: 6,500 yen + cut: 1,000 yen), gray hair dyeing (henna, etc.): 3,700 yen, cut: 3,000 yen, services (eyebrow cut, massage, store exclusive points, etc.)