Sakaeken’s Shisen hot and spicy food is very popular. Drinks are available from 260 yen. Chongqing medicinal hot pot with thick and hot soup is effective for beautiful skin, tonic, and prevention of aging. Snacks are available from 280 yen.

Accepts prescriptions from all over Japan. In front of the station in 10 seconds, Akafudado in 10 seconds, you can drop off your prescriptions and pick them up after shopping or work. Cashless payment, web and fax appointments OK, health and nursing care consultations, etc. Please stop by when you need help.

The store specializes in cheese cream tea with fluffy cheese cream and tapioca tea with chewy tapioca. You can change the toppings and sweetness to your liking. The menu is extensive, so you can find the drink of your choice.

Skin diagnosis with skin bijoum. Advice for beautiful skin. Shiseido, Crédit Peau Beauté, Bénéfique, D Program, Shiseido Men, Kose, Decorte, Predia, Jujin Collagen Gel.

Thanks to you, we’ve reached our first anniversary! Thank you so much for your support. We would like to be loved by everyone in Horikiri more than ever. We have many recommendations! Please try us out! ! We are sincerely looking forward to your visit.

We have been a tea shop in the town of Horikiri for 87 years. We are a small store, but we have a big passion for tea. We are most happy when people say, “Tea is good. We try to provide tasting service, and we are always waiting for you to come in and boil some water.

We are an osteopathic acupuncture clinic where patients of all ages, from children to the elderly, visit us. We offer a wide variety of treatment options, including acute trauma, sports injuries for children, acupuncture for neuralgia, and the popular cosmetic acupuncture.

Not only do we have stewed mangos and carefully grilled mangos, but we also have daily specials, bagna cauda, liver pate, and other popular dishes for women! Feel free to visit us even if you are alone!

It has been 72 years since we opened our store facing the main street from the city center to the station. We will continue to respond to our community’s important real estate consultations in a friendly manner. The president is a healthy 89 years old!

We have a wide selection of lunch boxes, prepared foods, and salads that will make your life more fun and exciting. If you’re feeling a little peckish or have a craving, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your hunger!

We offer a wide variety of izakaya menu items, including fried foods, grilled foods, and meals, with a focus on yakitori, which is popular among a wide range of customers for its homey service and relaxed atmosphere.

The shop offers a wide selection of products for both daily use and gift-giving, including vessels for daily life, seasonal jams and juices, jewelry made by artists, paper goods, and baby gifts. A three-minute walk from Horikiri-Shobuen Station on the Keisei Line. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. (The cafe is currently closed.)

Thanks to the people of Horikiri, the Resona Bank Horikiri Branch will celebrate its 80th anniversary next year, as we will work hard to open the branch in 2021. We look forward to continuing to serve the community.

Our popular curry buns and croquette buns are popular as Horikiri soul food. We also have a wide variety of breads such as bean bread and salad bread.

Thanks to your support, our branch will celebrate its 70th anniversary on August 28, 2020. We will continue to move forward together with the people of the community without forgetting our gratitude. Building dreams, building towns. Kameari Shinkin Bank.

In addition to handmade futons, we also offer cotton batting and tailoring services. We also have covers, sheets, mats, and other accessories for futons, and during the iris season in June, we have a wide selection of noren, hand towels, and handkerchiefs.

The restaurant boasts seafood dishes prepared by a former Tsukiji market broker, a professional fisherman who buys what he sees with his own eyes at the Toyosu market, and serves it all in house. You can enjoy the seasonal flavors of the season.

We have been closed for a long time, but we reopened in June. We are currently closed for prepared foods, but we expect to be selling pork cutlets and fried chicken around the time this booklet is published. We will continue our efforts to provide our customers with affordable, safe and secure meat and prepared foods.

In addition to the popular fried chicken with Torisawa lemon and five other regular items, we also produce and sell Torisawa delicatessen items that are enjoyed by many people every day, such as grilled dishes, sauced lunch boxes, and rice bowls. We look forward to seeing you at our store. We also have petite snacks for children.

Everyone has their own taste in food! Our food is always thick and battery power! Light and simple! We offer the exact opposite of chicken and pork. We also offer the industry’s first topping! The scales are very popular! The scorching back oil and chicken cartilage are poured hot in front of you!

A direct sales center for kimchi and barbecue ingredients with one of the largest selections in the region! Please feel free to inquire about barbecue meat and more! Phone orders OK!

We offer organic coffee, tea, and other drinks for take-out, our original bagels and ice cream that are suitable for vegans, and homemade sweets made with the finest ingredients and flavors.

We offer cheap and safe prices and free karaoke. Let’s make friends and have a fun night. Karaoke is only available until 11:00 p.m., but please feel free to come and visit us. We look forward to seeing you.

We are an electronics store that has been in business for four generations in Horikiri. We specialize in household appliances such as bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets. In particular, we sell, repair, and estimate gas water heaters, gas tables, and air conditioners from cold to warm.

We have been serving the Horikiri area for 50 years, aiming to provide refreshing cleaning services. Our shirts are white and our slacks are treated with a free sweat-wicking treatment.

We purchase fresh and delicious fish from the market. We also have other menu items that are not available at other Yoronotaki restaurants. You can enjoy a wide variety of sours from opening to 6pm every day! Banquet reservations for course meals and all-you-can-drink meals are also available. Reservations are accepted from noon on Saturday and Sunday.

We have a wide selection of medicines, cosmetics, daily necessities, and foods. We are also recruiting members for our special point card and app! We are looking forward to seeing you at our store!

We have a wide variety of baked goods such as our signature rubble tarts and rusks, as well as Japanese sweets such as chestnut dorayaki, chestnut buns, and plum buns! We also have a variety of rolls filled with high-quality fresh cream, including chocolate, green tea, mocha, black tea, and Shimomachi rolls.

The restaurant, run by a couple from Tateishi, has a total of 50 seats. The menu has more than 100 kinds of dishes with less oil by using our original cooking method. Most of the dishes are available for takeout! Most dishes are available for take-out! 6 types of lunch boxes are very popular and full of volume!

Free of charge for use of the ceremony hall (Tosaka Hall) Handles general funerals, family funerals, civil funerals, ward funerals, etc.)