It is a very cheerful place where everyone from amateurs to experts can enjoy themselves. Please come and visit us.

We always try to have a variety of dishes available, such as sashimi of freshly caught white fish, fried okoze, and shiba-ebi (shrimp) kakiage. Inaniwa udon and meals are also available.

Try searching for “antiquarian books, Aoki Shoten.

This is a cheap sozai store. Large selection! Skewers and salads are also recommended.

We look forward to serving you with dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. Please stop by and visit us.

We are open for business every day with the help of everyone. We will continue to create a harmonious store.。

We are particular about everything from ingredients to seasonings. We are a lively and cheerful restaurant. We hope you will enjoy the satisfying taste.

We are an at-home snack bar that has been loved by the locals for many years, with staff in their 20s and 30s! We have a lot of events, drinking and singing. We welcome you with a smile every day!

Enjoy the fragrant aroma and the robust taste of rice. It is a rice cracker store with a wide variety of flavors such as shrimp, green tea, and red pepper, not to mention the exquisite crunchiness.

We have a wide variety of food and drinks on our menu. Our popular dishes include delicious sashimi purchased from Adachi Market, chicken nanban with authentic Miyazaki flavor, and handmade thick fried chicken. We also have thin rolls, tempura, skewers, and grilled fish.

This is a restaurant that can be used by one person or a family. The sauce and seasonings are handmade by the owner. We have a wide variety of meats and hormones, and the manager’s mother tongue, tandoori chicken, is one of our most popular dishes! Please come and visit us!

We offer tennis and badminton gut re-tensioning services. Please enjoy a relaxing time with a cup of coffee in our cafe space.

Mama’s whimsical menu changes daily. The beef tendon, which is simmered for over five hours, is especially popular! There are counter and table seats, and the restaurant can accommodate from one person to up to 15 people. This is a place where everyone can enjoy drinking and singing together.

We have confidence in all of our dishes! We hope you will enjoy our delicious, firm ramen.

We are a clinic for internal medicine, urology, and surgery. We would like to be a clinic where you can consult us about anything and feel at ease. Please feel free to consult us if you have any problems or concerns about your body.

In business since 1967. It is a general supermarket dealing in fresh foods, groceries, daily sundries, and clothing. All of our employees look forward to serving you.

Chokipeta is a family salon that provides high quality services at reasonable prices and allows you to enjoy fashion in a casual atmosphere.

One minute walk from Horikiri-Shobuen station. It is located next to Akafudado. No appointment is necessary. We strive to provide medical care that is in line with medical guidelines, painless treatment (using local anesthesia) with consent, and active cooperation with medical institutions.

The ingredients and methods are exactly the same as those used in the Taiwanese stores, providing the same local flavor. We use three kinds of tea: oolong, black, and jasmine, all of which have been carefully selected to go well with tapioca milk tea after visiting various places.

We are proud of our juicy meat. Fill your heart and stomach with Hisafire!

About 90 seconds from Horikiri-Shobuen Station, you can enjoy the food of Thailand, the land of smiles. Half-size salads and half-and-half meals are also very popular and easy for first-time customers to order. Delivery and takeout are also available to suit your lifestyle.

I recommend the tomato gyoza! Try them as they are without any sauce. You will be addicted to it.

Among the 430 restaurants in the Donmaru Group nationwide, the Horikiri branch’s reputation has been highly evaluated by word-of-mouth. In particular, our three most popular features are (1) rice, (2) ingredients, and (3) manager. Let’s eat safe and secure sushi rice in the coming season.

We are particular about our meat, taste, and everything else! We recommend our hormones, which are different from those of other restaurants.

I especially recommend the beef motsu! It’s a warm, family-style restaurant, so please come and visit us.

Please contact us if you have any questions about stain removal.

Let’s eat one Chinese meal a day and do our best to be energetic. The father and wife are in business together. Chinese noodles in a nostalgic Tokyo-style broth, rice piled high. A variety of dishes are available. We also have a variety of other dishes. Please feel free to stop by. Rashay

Many of our customers are regulars. We have an abundance of sashimi, grilled fish, stir-fried and simmered dishes.

I can do ballroom dancing with everyone. I can also teach.

It’s a cheap, fun, safe place to drink! Our bright and energetic staff is waiting for you!

It is a place where you can have fun and relax. We are sincerely looking forward to serving you.

A homey restaurant where you can relax.

You can have fun drinking and singing! The karaoke sound is great. The sound of karaoke is great, and the signboard cat is cute, so come on in! Search “Omake” for food and drink!

We’re all smiles here! Please feel free to stop by♪

The restaurant is bright and fun, and customers can get to know each other quickly. We have boxes and counters, so it’s a great place for one person or many! Mama and the entire staff look forward to seeing you soon.

We have a very wide variety of alcoholic beverages. We also have delicious snacks! Please feel free to come.

The special black vinegar pork is made by stewing yam, taro, onions, and pork belly with a lot of homemade black vinegar sauce! The half fried young chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside! Please come and visit us!

You are free to bring your own snacks, except for raw food (sashimi). Everyone is having fun and drinking.

In addition to dispensing prescriptions, we also actively provide home medical care. We aim to be a pharmacy that can be easily accessed by everyone in the community. In addition to medical care, we can also provide consultations for nursing care. We cooperate with a variety of medical institutions and nursing care providers.

You can enjoy coffees from around the world while relaxing in a relaxing space. We also serve bread and cakes along with coffee. Our original cinnamon toast is a must-try. Please try it with coffee.

We are a restaurant that cares about our customers with the traditional taste that we have inherited since the early Showa period. We will celebrate our 15th anniversary on July 7th this year. We are proud of our soup! Please come and try our Hanchan Ramen!

Bags: Replacement of zippers and hooks, remake consultation. Precious metals and accessories: necklaces, earrings (damaged, etc.), rings (resized, etc.), and other items. Please feel free to contact us!

Yakumo’s signature dish is the rich and tasty miso ramen, which is the essence of Yakumo. We also have a light and refreshing salt ramen and a rich and sweet soy sauce ramen.

It’s been over 45 years since my grandfather’s generation, and although it’s a small shop, I’m confident that each and every one of us will deal with it carefully! Please feel free to contact us if you have a short-term or livelihood protection or various circumstances.

Our Edo-mae Sushi, made with the freshest ingredients, is a must-try! We also have a wide range of other menu items.