“Resonate with each other, you and I, you and you. This is a space for those who love art, time to create with friends, and time to relax and face oneself.

It can accommodate 20 to 25 people. Class parties, year-end parties, New Year’s parties, and other events are available.

This restaurant is well known in the area for its delicious soba noodles. They have a wide variety of menu items, all of which are reasonably priced.

Please enjoy our lunch set menu at noon and our delicious soba noodles at night while enjoying a drink in our stylish modern Japanese style restaurant. You can choose from a wide variety of menu items, including freshly fried tempura and sashimi.

This store specializes in folding bicycles and small bicycles (small bicycles with tires less than 20 inches) that are compact enough to take with you on the go and store indoors. Some people visit from all over the country, and the company is known for its after-sales service and upgrades, especially custom services. We are also available for repair and maintenance.

We use carefully selected fresh Japanese chicken and grill it in one go using a griller with a maximum temperature of 850℃, so you don’t miss out on any of the flavor. Priced at around 100-160 yen, they can be enjoyed for dinner or as a snack for children. You can eat on the benches in front of the restaurant. The yakisoba noodles that are only available at lunchtime are also secretly popular.

In addition to “kuzuyu” and “dorayaki” made at our own factory in Kameari, we have a variety of Japanese sweets carefully selected from Kyoto. Japanese sweets with a sense of season make us feel the joy of being Japanese. You can also choose from a selection of wagashi displayed in the store and pack them up as a gift.

Half a century since its establishment. Fish grilled over an open fire in a griller in the store. Sashimi, fillets, seaweed, and more are available. The sashimi buffet, held every Saturday, is very popular with both singles and large families, with prices as low as 1,000 yen for three servings.

After reconstruction work, the store was renamed and opened in October 2016. We have been running a flower shop for more than half a century, and we are happy to help you with anything about flowers. We also offer flower delivery service to rural areas using our nationwide network.

Established in 1961. We are well known as a local sporting goods store. We handle all kinds of sporting goods. If the product is not available in the store, we use the manufacturer’s inventory terminal to immediately inform the customer of the product’s availability and quickly order it.

We offer more than 50 items of prepared foods a day, mainly stews. No synthetic coloring or preservatives are used, and all meat is produced domestically and vegetables are produced domestically as much as possible. The rice is made from safe and reliable ingredients, such as “Tsuya-hime” rice specially produced by a relative farmer. There is a special fish sale every Tuesday. The new store is scheduled to open around June 15.

We have been rooted in our hometown of Ohanajaya for over 30 years. Two generations of parents and children have been making tofu. Only domestic soybeans are used as the raw material. Tofu is made by hand using the same production methods that have been used for many years. In addition to tofu, there are also fried bean curd, deep-fried tofu, and abura-age.

We carry a wide range of Nishikawa Sangyo products, including the popular made-to-order pillows and mattresses. Currently, we are offering a service to make “line stamps” for customers with the purchase of pillows and mattresses, and a service to analyze personal colors. Please feel free to visit us.

We have been in business for 54 years, and as a cosmetics specialty store, we offer beauty lessons to our customers free of charge. We also have a wide selection of daily necessities.

We have more than 200 takeaway sushi restaurants in the Tokyo metropolitan area where you can enjoy choosing sushi at a reasonable price. We offer not only nigiri sushi, but also inari, maki, and the popular mackerel bar sushi.

Many people, from children to the elderly, come to our clinic. In particular, there are many sports-related injuries.If you have stiff shoulders, back pain, or sports injuries, please try our clinic.

This salon is only for those who want to make their hair more beautiful than ever. Hair that has been damaged by self-coloring or treatment at other salons is welcome! Please experience the chemicals that only 1% of salons in Japan can handle. Cut ¥4,000- (tax not included) Perm ¥9,000- (tax not included) Cut Color ¥8,000- (tax not included)

Divine is a small salon. We believe that it is precisely because we are a small salon that our stylists are able to think about the beauty of our customers and make their beauty come true, that we are able to offer warmth and hospitality. We aim to be a salon where people say, “When I come to Divine, I feel beautiful.

The muscles (stiffness) that cause body distortion and pain are precisely compressed and improved. With clinical experience in Shiatsu massage for over 20,000 patients, I can help you.

The salon has an at-home atmosphere. It’s a place where you can go without feeling nervous. We welcome everyone from children to the elderly with open arms. We also have a wide range of hair and scalp care menus, including organic color and head spa. We look forward to seeing you at our store.

・In addition to injuries such as broken bones, dislocations, bruises, and sprains, we also treat stiff shoulders, lower back pain, and knee pain caused by daily life with our signature techniques, so please give us a try!・We are affiliated with Quick Massage Ohanajaya on the second floor, so we can help you with your daily fatigue and swelling.・We are open until 9:00 p.m. on weekdays, so even those who come home late and can’t make it to the clinic can feel free to visit us.

We are a photo studio that has been taking pictures of the people of Ohanajaya for over 30 years. With a homey atmosphere and professional skills based on years of experience, we can help you create precious family memories for celebrations and anniversaries. In order to make a good first impression, we take photographs with lighting that is tailored to each individual and apply a beautiful skin finish. We are also engaged in the remodeling of old photographs.

A long-established salon that has been in business for 72 years. The salon reopened in February 2016 as the Shiseido Symbolic Salon at the Bishou Hosoya Honten. With the addition of a women’s shaving store and a new facial gym, we will pursue the total beauty of our customers. The salon has been loved by many people, young and old, men and women alike.

We are a community-based pachinko/slot parlor. Restroom use and smoking areas are available, so please feel free to stop by.