The CM’s familiar Minimini offers a 50% discount on brokerage fees (tax not included). There are also many super kun with no deposit and no key money. We also have information on properties other than those listed here. We have female staff. Please feel free to visit us!

The second-generation owner and the young proprietress will cheerfully welcome you.

In addition to fried chicken, skewers, fried tofu, and inarizushi, we also offer a variety of freshly prepared boxed lunches. We are proud to serve you.

We are a community-based pharmacy that aims to be close to our patients. Even if you don’t have a prescription, you can feel free to stop by and ask about your medications. We also have a wide selection of OTC drugs. We are always waiting for your visit.

Doutor Coffee Shop is a self-service style coffee shop. Doutor Coffee Shop is a self-service coffee shop that offers high quality coffee and food products, as well as attentive service that makes customers feel at ease.

We hope to be a drug box that everyone in the community can always rely on. Please feel free to consult us about prescription drugs, medicines, beauty care, and more. We also accept prescriptions and sell first-class drugs on Sundays and holidays. If you join Misawa Pharmacy’s point card, we will offer you a special campaign every month.

Buying your own home is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is a purchase that cannot fail, so you must be anxious about it. Our company, which is based in the local area, provides the latest information on properties as needed. We will also provide after-sales support with sincerity and responsibility.

Right outside the station on your right! Feel free to consult us about your cell phone, home internet, and how to use it! Store with smartphone advisors! Partner parking lot: Times Aoto No. 9 and No. 10 We recommend making a reservation by phone or on the web when you come to the store!

The interior of the salon is like an atelier with pictures on display and a collection of photographs. Please relax your mind while having your hair styled. If you like hair styles that are not too overdone and have a sense of relaxation, please come and visit us.

No.1 in treatment ability, explanation ability, and resignation! It removes fascial adhesions, promotes blood and lymph circulation, and improves stiffness, pain, and swelling! It is used in beauty and sports fields. Can be used anywhere on the body!

We offer facial salon with hydrogen inhalation, which is a hot topic right now, as well as full body oil treatments to help you achieve total beauty and health. We are a homey salon, so please feel free to visit us. It also improves your immune system!

We would like more and more customers, including local people, to enjoy and eat traditional “Japanese” cuisine in a comfortable and easy to use “space”. It is with this in mind that we have opened our restaurant.

We make all of our dishes in house using carefully selected ingredients. We hope you enjoy our heartfelt dishes.

A local izakaya for adults. We are proud of our motsuyaki (grilled and stewed mussels) and Koedo highballs, and we hope you will be filled with energy for tomorrow. We are looking forward to welcoming you with ventilation, hand disinfection, acrylic partitions, and other anti-corona measures.