Since our founding, we have been involved in commemorative and certificate photography at our studio, as well as various on-site photo shoots and the production of event photos and graduation albums for many schools. I try my best to take pictures that will make everyone smile.

We have been in Aoto for 36 years. We have a wide variety of dishes such as yakitori, sashimi, fried foods, and homemade smoked foods, and our omakase sashimi and horse sashimi are especially popular. We also have a tatami room on the second floor, so we can accept reservations for parties and small groups.

There are 100 kinds of local sake available. Among them, “Zaku” is slowly gaining popularity. We also have a large selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages.

Electrical lighting, power, and high-voltage electrical equipment. Inspection, repair and replacement of air conditioners. Security camera installation. Maintenance and inspection

This restaurant serves soba, udon, rice bowls, and a large selection of sake. They also have a wide variety of snacks, and I recommend the tempura snack. They have a variety of menu items such as Tenzaru, Tendon, Oyster South Soba, Nabeyaki Udon, Unajyu, Caponata Soba, and Caponata Nabeyaki Udon.

You can enjoy the taste of home.

Our strength is that we have a wide range of unique properties and many properties under management. We strive to be friendly and serious, and to serve our customers from their perspective. No appointment is necessary, so please feel free to visit us. All the staff

The handmade raw food konjac is excellent.

Edomae Sushi, a popular restaurant in Aoto for 43 years.

We are a healthy delicatessen. The menu changes daily with a focus on vegetables, and includes a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes. The Japanese dishes are prepared with kombu seaweed and dried bonito flakes. Even small children can enjoy our dishes with peace of mind. Karaage is also delicious.

The first floor has a counter, while the second floor has a small area and table seating, and can be used by single customers, families, and groups. We will cheerfully entertain you with our high cost performance.