We accept reservations for parties of all kinds! We can be reserved for parties of 15 people or more. We also offer delivery service up to 2km away for over 1500yen! Reservations can be made by phone!

We serve pork, chicken, and beef, all of which are domestically produced. Homemade croquettes, pork cutlets, menchikatsu (fried pork cutlets), and homemade potato salad are popular.

We offer women’s apparel, clothing goods, and accessories. Please feel free to stop by.

Our bright and cheerful staff, who have learned the techniques in the home of Thai massage, will heal your tired legs, back, and shoulders. If you live or work in the Aoto area, please feel free to drop by when you are in the neighborhood.

We are a company that does general interior decoration, mainly cross installation. We are sorry, but we do not do business with the general public at this time.

We are one of the few stores in Katsushika-ku that specializes in natural foods. We have nearly 1,000 kinds of safe, additive-free products in our store. We are doing our best to deliver foods that are useful to everyone.

Dango, mame daifuku, dorayaki, sekihan, and inashi. Reservations are OK, even if it’s early in the morning.