For half a century in Aoto, we have been following the Edo style of grilling, steaming, and broiling, inherited from Izuya established in Edo (Tokyo) and Izuya in Yokoyama-cho, Nihonbashi in the Meiji era. We offer the inherited techniques as Aoto-yaki. Course meals are also available by reservation.

Wouldn’t you like to reduce your daily disinfection workload with an anti-bacterial installation? The Bioprotect KBS system, which is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is friendly to the human body and the environment, protects you from viruses and bacteria. We provide you with safety and peace of mind.

Close and convenient, 7-Eleven

They also sell bread in a small storefront next to the factory, though the variety is always different.

We are an egg-free, low-sugar, low-fat, homemade ice cream store that adds a little “kawaii” to Mrs. Freeze’s ice cream, which won a gold medal at the LA Gelato Contest. Our original recipe waffle cones are baked by hand and are egg-free. We will provide a happy time for everyone, from children to adults, and even your dog, a member of the family, to enjoy together.

Please enjoy seasonal dishes in a spacious restaurant. The restaurant is popular with families. We also accept reservations for Buddhist memorial services and banquets.

We value our “bond” with the people in the community and aim to be a store where people can say, “If you need anything, let’s talk to Johoku Shinkin” in order to revitalize the Aoto area. All of us are looking forward to serving you.

The Izumi Home Care Clinic is a home care support clinic that provides home visits and house calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to those who need medical care but have difficulty visiting hospitals. We also provide outpatient care and hospitalization facilities to support our patients.

We hold exhibitions and sales of ceramic ware and pottery classes in our studio. We will support you in your creative activities, whether you are new to ceramics or have experience. Please feel free to drop by for a tour of our studio.

Based on our 66 years of manufacturing, we have created organic products that are reminiscent of our predecessors’ original cosmetics. We pursue healthy and radiant beauty, and continue to deliver enrichment and richness to people’s lives and minds.

We serve different kinds of bread every day. We also sell Grape Bread and Aoto Fujitsuna Anpan, which were popular at Bakery Mitton in Aoto 5-chome. Shokuban is also popular, so come on in!

We are a Japanese soba restaurant that opened in 1965. It is an easy place to enter for families and women alone. In addition to the standard menu, we also serve alcohol and a variety of dishes. (We also have snacks that you can’t taste in a soba shop.) We look forward to serving you.

We believe that the starting point of treatment is the “touch”, and we value the warmth and sensations that come from the hands, as well as the acupuncture treatment. In a completely private space, you can receive treatment in a way that avoids three densely packed rooms.

We are a small izakaya run by a husband and wife team, but we have a menu full of fresh fish and seasonal ingredients from the Senju market.