This is a dining bar where you can enjoy “fortune telling” and where the owner is a certified appraiser from the Feng Shui and Arithmetic Institute. We offer creative dishes, classic drinks, and 20 kinds of tea. One coin appraisals are also popular! Oshiki available, children OK.

It is a Korean food restaurant. The samgyeopsal is the most popular dish.

It was established in 1977, and the second generation is now carrying on the taste of the previous generation. Rare parts such as white liver are available, and the yakitori carefully grilled over Tosa binchotan charcoal is excellent. There is also a wide range of beverages available, including Swan Lake Beer, Niigata’s local beer, and Highball, a local whiskey. If you’re ever in Takasago, come to Torihiro!

For three generations, we aim to provide Chinese cuisine that is loved by everyone. The second floor seats are private rooms, and various types of parties are available.

Morning service available daily, from 60 yen to noon. All day special lunch set from 810 yen. There are 63 spacious box seats, non-smoking seats and smoking seats.

Beef, pork, chicken, and our homemade side dishes

We have everything from small shoes (21.5cm) to large shoes (28cm). Please consult with me about wide toes. There are a lot of good shoes to wear.

This is a store with a shoe fitter. For people with painful knees (those who feel anxiety in their legs) and those who want to walk comfortably.★Plantar plate fabrication by fit printing ★Consultation is available for people with bunions, knee pain, flat feet, etc. Recommended by orthopedic surgeons (patent) Asahi Medical Walk, please try it once.

“Is there a nice, nifty barbershop anywhere? And you’re looking for it! (Yes, you.) Please come to our salon. Please call us for an appointment first. “An oasis for your hair and mind”, see you at Hair Salon Fuji!

Our ceremony hall is located 1 minute from the store (120 meters from the station). There is also a ceremony hall in Aoto.