Mitsuwa Pharmacy Daini Takasago is a store with diabetology, dermatology, and psychosomatic medicine nearby. It is close to Keisei Takasago Station, and is open until 8:00 p.m. on some days of the week, making it easy to use.
The waiting room is spacious, and we change the decorations in the store seasonally to make it a comfortable and bright space for people of all ages.

Fluffy and hot! Wheat okonomiyaki. Mellow and hot! Wheat monja. We also have a wide selection of teppanyaki.

The owner personally selects the best seasonal seafood directly from Toyosu, including Indian tuna!
We also have over 20 kinds of local sake and whiskeys such as Hibiki and Hakushu!

A five-minute walk from Keisei Takasago Station. This is a coffee shop with Plarail running through the store. In the center of the store sits a 1-mat Plarail! It has become a symbol of the store. There is also a plarail running around the top of the building!

Our menu features vegetables from our contracted farmers, and we offer a wide selection of local sake from all over the country, as we consider sake to be the best food wine.

Fresh fish, SPF pork, and other safe ingredients at a reasonable price, tasty and healthy! That’s our motto. We look forward to serving you with delicious meals and a wide selection of seasonal sake from spring, summer, autumn and winter.

This is a restaurant where everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy a casual meal. It is a homey place where you can eat good quality meat at reasonable prices. There are also many side dishes. You can have a good time here. Credit card payment accepted.

We accept various types of banquets, such as year-end and New Year’s parties, class reunions, seven-five-three parties, family gatherings, memorial services, etc. We have tatami rooms and table seats for 4 to 100 people. Course meals start at 3,000 yen. Please consult with us about the cuisine and your budget.

Authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisine, you won’t regret it if you try it.(Authentic Indian and Nepalese food, you won’t regret it if you try it) The 18 types of curry are mildly seasoned with less spice and oil than local curry to suit the Japanese palate. Lunch time: Himalaya Special Set (1200 yen) with curry, tandoori chicken, seekh kebab, dessert, naan and rice. Cheese naan (480 yen) and mango lassi (150 yen) recommended!

Homemade oshiruko and anmitsu. Five kinds of rice porridge, curry, beef stew, etc.
Please come and visit us.

Chinese buckwheat.

This takeaway yakitori restaurant opened in August last year. Using mainly domestic Tsukuba chickens, as well as chickens from Iwate, Hokkaido, and Miyazaki, the large yakitori are carefully grilled over Tosa binchotan charcoal, and 300 pieces are sold out in about two hours. Torisu’s style is to add shichimi (seven spices) to the unique sweet sauce with sake. Salt is also good. The fried fish, fried crispy in vegetable oil, is soft and delicious even when cold.

Have you ever met a pastry that you truly enjoyed? The owner of the store is dedicated to making everything from scratch by hand with all his heart. The cute baked sweets gifts come in wrapping that will make you want to give them to that special someone. We accept reservations for birthday cakes such as our popular gateau fraise and tarts. We also accept reservations for wedding cakes, confectionery, and small gifts. We also accept consultations and reservations for large groups of people, such as for school events and companies.

I started baking bread for my family, so I try to choose ingredients with their health in mind as much as possible. We are happy when people feel happy when they eat our bread. I try to create such a store.

Around 11:00 a.m., the store is filled with freshly baked bread.
The “egg balls” with cute “chick” branding are 40 yen each. They are very popular.

Established 60 years ago. We have been supporting the local food industry since the days of rationing. The third generation, who is a certified rice-meister, listens to the customer’s cuisine and taste preferences, and gives advice on the best rice, taking into account the production conditions of the region. We also actively participate in nutrition education at local elementary schools to promote the appeal of rice. We also sell homemade rice bran.

The second-generation owner’s motto is “a grocery store that protects the health of the community. I have been studying at the “Grocery School” with my grocery store friends, and I am always researching new kinds of vegetables and how to use them. I know vegetables very well, and I will teach you how to make the best use of any vegetable through cooking and ingenuity.

Harusuke Sembe is a store located in Takasago, Katsushika, Tokyo, that sells handmade rice crackers, fried rice crackers, arare, and okaki, the taste of Inaho. We also offer a variety of teas to enjoy with our rice crackers.

Your town’s electric appliance store – 45 years of working with the community
Seisai-kan Murayama Denki

We use safe and flavorful Red Fuji chickens raised in the rich nature at the foot of Mount Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture.

We try to provide delicious and inexpensive food that is familiar to people of all ages.
(Bean Mochi, Bean Daifuku)Made from carefully selected pea pods from Hokkaido, these nutritious bean cakes are perfect as a snack or light meal.(Akameshi Inari, Inari Sushi)A combination of high-quality domestic rice cakes colored with only sasage and long-cooked fried tofu. It is also popular for celebrations.

One minute walk from Takasago Station!We have the best selection of books on the subject.Takeshima’s original “point card” is available. Please feel free to use it.
We look forward to seeing you at our store.

This butcher shop is located right in front of Takasago Station. The croquettes are handmade using Hokkaido potatoes called “Baron”. At times, as many as 200 croquettes are sold. The croquettes are additive-free and are popular with Takasago mothers who say they are good for baby food.In addition, homemade menchi (fried chicken), fillet cutlets, and other prepared foods are also popular. We also offer a wide variety of hot lunch boxes made from prepared dishes.

CAFE MAHLE Satisfy the health of growing children and the hunger of the local community. This is a pancake and taco rice restaurant in Takasago.
You’re not good at school or studying! You and your mare! Miracles do happen! Let’s make miracles together!

Thank you for your support. We are an osteopathic clinic where you can feel free to come and visit us. If you have any physical pain or problems, please feel free to visit us at any time. We also offer acupuncture treatment.
We look forward to working with you.

Departments: Internal medicine, surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, urology, and circulatory medicine Diabetology, Rheumatology, Radiology, Physiatry

We are a total body production company that helps our customers and patients to be healthy. Our esthetic salon is a women-only private room where you can relax and enjoy the best treatment at a “sincere and reasonable price. We have a special campaign every month.
Please check our website or the board in our store.

The store was rebuilt and newly opened in early March 2014.
We also have a hair salon and an art makeup salon (indelible makeup, lasts 2-5 years).
Please call us first!

・By appointment only.
・Recommended for people with hyperstiffness.

Please feel free to contact us for new construction and remodeling.
The Real Estate Department is open from 10:00 AM on Sundays.
Real Estate Department 03-3672-4321

Hanging scrolls, folding screens, sliding doors, frames
Replacement of shoji screens and cloth
Hidekazu Yano, First Class Omote-sho Technician

Stain removal specialty store
Futaba Cleaning is a stain removal specialty store. Please bring us the stains that other stores could not remove. Please call us and we will come to you for anything from one item to a large item.
Monday and Thursday are diplomatic days. We also handle futons, kimonos, furs, carpets, and special cleaning.

– Feel stylish hair cut
For those of you who are worried about your hair…
Why don’t you try 303’s unique “magic cut”? It gives a glossy finish and can be set as you like without applying anything. It’s very easy.
Men, women, and foreigners are all welcome!

Our director is a diabetologist and cardiologist, and three other part-time doctors are also diabetologists. We provide high-level and cheerful medical care for lifestyle-related diseases.

To receive your pension, please contact HIGASHIN. 《Aoto Branch Office (ATM only)》Address: Sunrise Heights 1F, 3-34-4 Aoto, Katsushika-ku ATM:Weekdays 8:00 – 21:00, Saturdays 8:00 – 17:00

We have been in business in Takasago for about 40 years. The restaurant is barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. It is used by everyone from children to the elderly. We offer perms, colors, cuts, etc. Of course, since I used to work as a bridal consultant at a hotel, I can make appointments (early morning appointments possible) for you to dress up. We also have many customers for special sets (ballroom dancing) and up-do’s. By appointment only, so please call first!

We have been in business for half a century. Our rich experience and product knowledge have earned us the patronage of the local community. Please feel free to use our services when you have a small cash flow problem. The store is bright and easy to enter, making it a safe place for first-time customers and women. A member of the Tokyo Pawnbrokers Association. The fee (pawn fee) is based on a tiered system. Please bring your driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, etc. with you at the beginning.

I have been teaching pottery classes in Katsushika-ku for 35 years. We offer instruction for everyone, from beginners to those with experience. We also offer trial classes. Please feel free to visit us.

The Association’s sole action policy is to place the highest priority on the interests of the “local community,” where people living in the community can interact with each other in a lively manner, and we hope for the prosperity of all businesses. We are working to strengthen the functions of community-based finance based on our management policy of functioning as a “comprehensive lifestyle center” that serves as the “core” of the local community.

40 years in business
We manage local buildings and green spaces.