Our restaurant is a creative dining experience where you can enjoy Chinese cuisine that makes the most of seasonal ingredients. We cook with less oil, so that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy our food with peace of mind. We also offer seasonal course menus, all-you-can-drink plans, and lunch menus, so please stop by when you are in Takasago or Shibamata. ※The restaurant has 32 seats, including tables and small seating areas.

We deal in a wide range of products, including construction hardware, Sunday carpentry products, household goods, cleaning products, keys (made in Japan), and tools. We can also replace the screen door. Character goods are also available. We are also happy to help you with any questions you may have.

A store for cotton futons and handmade futons that are kind to the body. The fabric is reworked to make it fluffy. Each piece is carefully finished by specialized craftsmen. Please feel free to contact us.

We are open from 4:00 a.m., so if your child has an athletic event, a field trip, or any other urgent event, we have a variety of side dishes to help you out.

Watches: battery replacement, band replacement, repair (hand-wound, automatic, quartz) Eyeglasses: Optometry and ophthalmology prescriptions are available. Hearing aids: Do you have hearing problems? Please contact us for a consultation. Jewelry and precious metals: Reforming, ubiquitous processing, and repairs are available.

As a designated nursing care facility by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we mainly provide home care services by dispatching home helpers. When it comes to nursing care, it has become the norm for people to receive support through nursing care insurance and to provide safe and comfortable care without having to go through the hardships and strains of nursing care for themselves and their families. We hope to contribute more and more to the community through nursing care for the aging society that will be further advanced in the future.