We make traditional tofu and processed soy products. We try our best to provide delicious tofu to our customers.

Women’s high fashion store. Kamakura Elementary School’s designated store for sportswear and swimwear. Men’s and women’s underwear always at a discount!

We have been in business since 1954.
We deal in Japanese and foreign cigarettes and have three cola vending machines.

Imamura Land Co.
Tokyo Governor’s License (11) No. 39222
Member of the Tokyo Building Lots and Buildings Dealers Association As a real estate agent mainly in the local area of Katsushika Edogawa, we have continued to be conscious of contributing to the safety and security of the community, and have been in business for a long time to faithfully respond to our customers’ housing inquiries. If you have any questions about land, building, transfer, purchase, apartment or condominium lease or management, please contact our office.

I’m on my own at the moment, so I give priority to appointments, so please give me a call.

Our homemade products such as udon, soba, yakisoba, and fresh Chinese noodles are made with the natural taste in mind, without using any additives.

Surrounded by calm antique furniture, this is a cafe where you can spend a relaxing moment.

Gluten-free breads and sweets for wheat allergy sufferers, aiming for the best taste. We bake them one by one, delicately and safely.

We are a jewelry specialty store that offers carefully selected jewelry at special prices.

This is the “Dicila Counseling Shop” where you can cleanse your skin with comfort. If you find a feeling of comfort in your skin, you can try it at home for three days.

We have a large selection of homemade rice crackers, including hand-baked okaki.
Serve it as a healthy snack!

We deal in ceramics and gardening goods from all over Japan.
Delivery service is available.

We deal in all kinds of alcoholic beverages.

We are the best hand-sewn shoemaker in Tokyo. We specialize in custom-made shoes and are now offering repair services at reasonable prices. Our customers are always pleased with our low prices and clean finishes.

We have been in business since the 1980s and have received orders from many temples in the area for Buddhist flowers for memorial services and the main hall. We also offer a variety of cut flowers and potted plants to add color to your daily life. Our bouquets, flower arrangements, and flower stands for celebrations are popular for their gorgeousness. Please come to our store. We also offer nationwide delivery.

We try to provide inexpensive and delicious food.