An authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza and Italian restaurant.

“A cafe with homemade baked goods and seasonal sweets.
Fresh pasta lunches and plate lunches are also popular!
Fluffy soufflé pancakes are our No.1 popular recommendation.”

“Megumi started out as a restaurant where you can taste delicious food with a focus on ingredients and materials.
We are always looking for the best ingredients at the lowest price.
We also purchase all of our food from the market and serve the best dishes available at the time.
We will continue to do our best to be a favorite of the local people.”

All of our staff members are committed to providing thoughtful and attentive service.

We actively use safe, domestic wheat and other ingredients, and even the fillings we use in our breads are handmade.

We have been in business for 65 years and are a family business.
As a furniture store in town, we will assemble furniture for free at the time of purchase.
We will also guide you to the Karimoku showroom (Karimoku Meister certification).
Please look forward to our other services!

“It has been more than 30 years since our establishment in Kameari, Katsushika-ku.
Since its establishment, Sasago has been making efforts to provide sushi that satisfies customers based on the spirit of our business philosophy, “Work hard and trade honestly with each other,” in order to provide inexpensive, high-quality, and delicious sushi.
Today, we enjoy the patronage of many customers, especially in the eastern part of Tokyo.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who share our philosophy and are passionate about what we do.
The kind of person we are looking for (no experience required!)
People who want to own their own restaurant and want to succeed as a manager.
People who are honest and can continue to make steady efforts.
3. Someone who is prepared to undergo approximately one year of training in order to stand on their own as a store manager (we will pay you even during the training period).”

“Thanks to the support of our community, Kameari Pharmacy has been able to celebrate its 50th anniversary.
The Kameari Pharmacy has three pharmacists, two of whom are care managers, who are available for consultations about not only medications but also nursing care.
We are an at-home pharmacy with deep roots in the community. Please feel free to visit us!

“We are committed to providing compassionate medical care.
Please feel free to contact us with any dental concerns or questions you may have.”

We provide on-site hairdressing services for 0-year-olds, teens, 20-year-olds, the elderly, and people with disabilities. We are located next to Tokyo Electric Power Company, 20-30 meters in front of Kamishogakko Elementary School on the old Mito Kaido Road.
(Baby brushes and ladies shaving esthetics are also popular.
Three staff members are waiting for you.

“Animal Hospital in Kameari, Tokyo We are open until 8pm on Saturdays.
We provide thorough explanations of medical conditions and treatment methods that make sense to pet owners.
We also emphasize preventive medicine as a home doctor for pets.
Under the motto of “prevention, early detection, and early treatment,” we offer regular health consultations for pets.
We also provide dietary guidance.
We offer various consultations.
We have hospitalization facilities.

“Why don’t you experience ‘relaxation’ and ‘healing’ in a relaxed space?
We would like to sincerely provide you with a moment that unfolds in a homey space.”

“Since opening our clinic in May 1980, we have been serving the community and our neighbors for 39 years, for which we are truly grateful.
In particular, for whiplash and lumbago caused by traffic accidents, we correct the balance of the whole body by adjusting the pelvis. Please feel free to consult with us about any problems you may have, especially due to a traffic accident.”