It is a Japanese restaurant with a water tank where live leatherback sea bream and horse mackerel swim.
Private rooms are also available, so please feel free to use them for family or business entertainment.

This izakaya is proud of its delicious horse sashimi. We are particular about our ingredients, and our horse meat comes directly from Kumamoto. Try it with Kyushu’s own sweet soy sauce. This is the place to go for horse sashimi! This is the authentic taste of horse sashimi. We offer horse liver and guts (which may not be in stock due to their rarity and added value), which you can hardly find anywhere else.
There are many other items on the menu as well. We also offer a variety of other dishes on the menu. We are happy to consult with you about anything, whether it’s a party with children, a women’s party, or a private party.

Relaxing Place Yuzu Hana

If you are a new customer and come to our store after reading our website, we will give you a bottle of Jinro.
It’s a restaurant with clear accounting. Please feel free to come and visit us. For more information, please visit our website.

If you want to eat kalbi, Yakiniku Chinmien! A5 rank Japanese black beef is used.

We have a variety of local sake and shochu. Please feel free to contact our staff for various types of parties.

Year-end and New Year’s parties and banquets are available from 3,000 yen for parties of 5 to 50 people.
Seasonal seafood at a discount!

From 3:00 PM, it’s meal time and then lunch time. During the lunch time, you can have any dish from the menu, coffee or ice cream for dessert. Karaoke until 7:00 PM, all you can sing for 1500 yen!

“We do our best to keep our prices low so that our customers can be happy!
We recommend our specialties such as stewed tuna, grilled tuna, and oden.
We also have time service every day!
We also offer time service every day! We have a big discount on large beer bottles for 420 yen!
We are looking forward to serving you.

We offer a wide range of interior greenery and herbs. You may find some unusual plants that will make a big impact. Our houseplants, in particular, are planted in original pots with extra soil and fertiliser, so you won’t have to worry about replanting for two or three years. We also have interesting products such as macrame hanging and terrariums. Of course, we also sell cut flowers and seedlings for flower beds. If you are in the area, please drop in and see us.

A futon shop established in 1958. The second owner, who pursues the comfort of cotton futons, is a futon maker who studied at a futon technical school. He says that once you have slept on a futon, you can tell the difference. You can also specify the thickness of the cotton. It takes about 10 days to complete an order, but we can do it in a few days if you are in a hurry. You can also order a handmade zabuton.

Established in 1970. We offer a wide range of shoes, from formal to casual, most of them at affordable prices, and we also have a large selection of sandals and other footwear for everyday wear. We will continue to offer a range of shoes that are easy to buy and easy to wear.

“If you have any questions about real estate such as rental condominiums, flats, sales, or monthly car park management, please contact us.
Please visit us at Fukasawa Real Estate, 1 minute walk from Kameari Station.”

“We have been in Kameari for 23 years!
New customers: Cut (with soft shampoo) 2,500
(Time Sale) For customers who enter between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM… Men’s hair also OK.
Colour + cut 5,500 Hair, make-up and kimono dressing also available.
NPO director’s shop
We also provide on-site barber and beauty services for perms and cuts at hospitals, nursing homes and homes.”

“One of the largest hair salons in the area.
Now recruiting staff.”

“June to October: Katsushika-ku specific medical checkup, longevity checkup, basic medical checkup, medical checkup for 20s and 30s
Influenza and other vaccinations
We are open on Saturday and Sunday.”

“The signboard with the word ‘Games’ visible from the station is our landmark.
From the 1st floor to the 6th floor, we welcome you with the latest and most popular games on all 6 floors!
We also have a darts machine.
Come and visit us.”