We develop construction and management services based on the asset management of land owners. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

“We opened in September 2017 in Kameari Ginza Shopping Street (Yurodo), taking over a long-established real estate agency in Kameari. We are a typical community-based real estate agency in Kameari where you can easily drop by. We also have a lot of properties under management, so regardless of whether you are buying, selling or renting, we can help you with all your expenses, and we also offer free consultation on sales assessments, renovations and purchases by condominium managers. In addition to our work, we are also involved in the protection of dogs and cats and aim to reduce the number of dogs and cats killed. In the evening, a dog on a walk comes to play and eats a snack, and it is a little unusual real estate agency. Please come and visit us for a cup of tea and a chat about your dog.”

A posture clinic specialising in health from the point of view of the structure and function of the body.

“Hello! We are Yurod Acupuncture Clinic!
Our clinic is open on weekdays as well as Saturdays and public holidays.
We do not require appointments, so please come at any time you can.
We aim to be a trustworthy and reliable clinic.
If you have any problems about your body, please do not hesitate to contact us!”

“We will buy the most expensive items in Kameari!

If you want to sell something in Kameari, please come to Ginza Paris Kameari Yurodou Store!

Precious metals, brand-name goods, watches, jewellery, old coins, stamps, alcohol, mobile phones, etc….

We can buy anything! We are looking forward to seeing you at our shop!

“We are located in Kameari, Katsushika-ku and Adachi-ku and we help our clients to rent and sell their properties.
All of our staff will do their best to meet your various needs.
If you have any questions about real estate, please feel free to contact us.
Please leave it to the community-based Pitatto House Kameari branch.”

“In our clinic you can use your health insurance! In addition, we also treat traffic accidents, work-related injuries and welfare benefits. If you don’t want to use your health insurance, we also offer a special full body massage course. First 15 minutes 290 yen, 30 minutes 1290 yen (latest type of water bed + electric appliance treatment service) including tax”.

There are various baths for you to enjoy.

“Our shop specializes in creating elegant styles. We don’t want to chase after transient trends or fashions, but we want to provide quality beauty that suits each individual’s lifestyle. We offer a wide range of beauty treatments such as herb colour (henna), water head spa… shaving beauty treatment… etc. We believe that our customers will feel relaxed. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. From all of us at BIJIN”.

We’re here to help you with your physical problems!

Classroom and presentation piano

If you have any questions about keys and locks, please contact us. We also offer on-site installation.

“We have been in business for over 100 years in Kameari, Katsushika. We have a long track record of success and experience that will provide you with peace of mind and trust. We offer a wide range of funeral services from family funerals to company funerals. We are fully equipped with ceremony halls and morgue rooms for all types of funerals. Please take advantage of the special discounts offered by the Katsushika Kyosai Ceremony Tomo no Kai, a lifetime membership system. We are a designated member of the Kumin Funeral Association, the Special Ward Employees Mutual Aid Association, the Tokyo Metropolitan Welfare Organization and the Tokyo Funeral Service Cooperative Association.

“The beginning of a new life… a gateway
We are a member of Able. We are a member of Able.
We are here to help you find your new home.
Please feel free to visit us!

“In the middle of Yurou, a beauty salon with water flowing in the window has reopened.
We also have special coupons and promotions. Please visit our website for more details.”

This is a stylish salon with an interior design that is unlike any other in Kameari. We have a lot of experience in this field. We offer the most suitable hair only for you by understanding your worries and ideals with careful “becoming counseling”.

We are a gelato and coffee shop. It was set up by a couple and a friend in their hometown Kameari.

We are a barbershop specialising in haircuts for men who don’t compromise on style. In just 30 minutes per session, we can offer you the highest level of cutting skills and universal good looks that only a barber can offer. We can also do fade styles and skin fades.

“Our staff is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly and pregnant women.
We offer a wide range of dental and oral care services, including the treatment of tooth decay and gum disease, the adjustment and manufacture of dentures, the consultation and extraction of wisdom teeth and the treatment of TMJ disorders. Our specialists in paediatric dentistry are also available to help children with any questions or concerns they may have about their mouths, the prevention of tooth decay, the treatment of cavities and the treatment of mouth injuries.
We also offer home visits for those who are unable to visit us.”

We have been serving Kameari for 62 years. We continue to be particular about our ingredients and taste. Why don’t you come and try our food?

A homely atmosphere Taiwanese cuisine. You can enjoy the juicy, jumbo baked dumplings.

“Extra cold and freezing highballs available.
Oden from 80yen. Grilled skewers from 100yen. Skewers from 100 yen.
We don’t charge any service charge or seating fee.
We serve mainly Shizuoka Oden, but also skewers, yakisoba and a la carte dishes.”

“The restaurant is inspired by a beach house on a southern island. We are proud of the unpretentious atmosphere and the fun atmosphere with friends!
KAIHALE’s special garlic toast is the most popular dish.
We are looking forward to serving you with our reasonable and delicious creative dishes.”

“Our signature skewers are made with fine breadcrumbs and fried in 100% lard for a crispy finish. The ingredients range from the classic, such as asparagus and kisses, to the more unexpected, such as baumkuchen. The skewers are carefully grilled over binchotan charcoal and served with our special ponzu sauce. We also offer original dishes, such as chicken teriyaki pizza, which you won’t find anywhere else.
We aim to be a place where you can enjoy authentic kushiage and charcoal skewers, and where you can always find a smile on your face.
We also have a kotatsu seating area that can accommodate up to 30 people, perfect for parties.

“Monja” with a wide variety of toppings, original seasoned types of monja, (chige monja, black monja, etc.) and the very popular “Ryosan Monja” with a lot of quantity for 1,550 yen. Our lunch sets and all day long “Triple Set” at ¥1,250 (okonomiyaki + monja + half size yakisoba) are very popular with our customers.

The freshest hormones!

The concept of Sakemi is to create a relaxed atmosphere. We try to serve our customers in a natural way, and many people say that they feel at home here. There is also a huge screen in the restaurant, so you can watch sports while you drink. We recommend our daily specials of 5 Yakitori and 5 pieces of seasonal sashimi. We are open until 3am, so come and relax.

We are a coffee shop where we roast coffee beans to order. Our coffee beans are roasted to order and are purchased on the basis of taste.

“We are a restaurant specialising in Menchikatsu, opened in September 2010 after falling in love with Menchikatsu. We use our original method of frying the meat, which is made from the best parts of the meat, and deep-fry it in vegetable oil to give it a light and healthy texture, which satisfies our female customers. We have 11 different types of Menchikatsu. A hot bowl of rice topped with two Menchikatsu fried to order is very popular! As well as selling our products in the shop, we also serve set meals and rice bowls in the shop. We offer a wide range of meals at reasonable prices, from 560 yen for a bowl of rice to 660 yen for a set meal, so please feel free to visit us.

“Delicious coffee in town (coffee shop)
We put our heart and soul into every cup of coffee…
Sandwiches, pasta, rice menu, cake menu and various set menus available!!!”

Dishes that incorporate spring, summer, autumn and winter and convey the spirit of harmony. Our Edo chef’s specialties include shamo nabe (hot pot) and other chicken dishes. We hope you will spend a rich time savouring the “luxury of the season” to your heart’s content. The restaurant can be used for family celebrations, Buddhist memorial services, welcome and farewell parties, year-end parties and various other banquets.

We are committed to being a trusted family pharmacy for our local community.

We have a wide range of clothes and accessories (accessories pouches, bags, etc.).

The shop offers a wide range of fashionable and total coordination products for people aged 40 and over at reasonable prices. We are located diagonally opposite the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ in Yurodo. Please drop in and see us.

“Established in 1946. Japanese sweets, okaki and Kyoto sweets.
Natural healthy food “Handmade Kuzuyu”, “Kameari Taiko” and seasonal Kyoto sweets. We recommend our sesame-filled ‘kubari mochi’.”

“Ito Shoten” has been delivering fresh produce to you as Ito Grocery Store in Kameari, Katsushika-ku since 1935. We are a community-based shop with a produce department for vegetables and a food department for meat, fish and other foods that are useful for everyday shopping. The fruit and vegetable department is stocked daily with the freshest produce from the market. Come and see what’s on offer today! Every Friday we have a special “Urekin” for our customers! We have a special sale on Fridays. We look forward to seeing you in the shop.”

A takeaway specialising in gyoza. The gyoza are neatly laid out in a well-seasoned iron pot, and 80 are cooked in one go, with the quantity and volume of hot water carefully monitored. The crispy skin envelops the gyoza with plenty of vegetables, chives and just enough garlic to keep it “workable”. In addition to baked gyoza, we also sell uncooked gyoza, 10 pieces for 300 yen. Baked gyoza is ¥320 per 10 pieces. Fresh gyoza can also be sent by cool delivery.

“Established in 1965. We have been loved by everyone as a shop of famous yaki dango, shio daifuku and mame daifuku. In recent years, we have been producing and selling “Ryosan Dorayaki”, “Ryosan Sable” and “Ryosan Menko-yaki” as official souvenirs of “Koko Katsushika-ku Kameari Koenmae Haisho”. Please take a “Ryosan Dorayaki” as a souvenir of downtown Kameari and tell us how proud you are of “Kameari”.”

We keep the old-fashioned authentic taste of Osaka and stick to the real taste. We buy fresh octopus from Tsukiji, and put big octopus in this big octopus balls. They are served with four different flavours: sauce, mayonnaise, soy sauce and salt and pepper.

“We are a women’s clothing shop where you can wear rough, everyday clothes in a stylish way, targeting adult mothers.
Please feel free to drop in and see our staff who will be happy to help you find the clothes you want.
We also carry some men’s socks.”

Kameari’s Kitchen”, a famous landmark, spreads out at the entrance of a retro Showa-era building that catches the eye. With a motto of “lightly seasoned, handmade, health-conscious and low-priced”, this community-based delicatessen has been supporting the dining scene in downtown Kameari for 30 years since its establishment. Our “fried sweet prawn”, made from sashimi-grade sweet prawns, is fresh, tasty and inexpensive. We look forward to serving you with a wide range of products.

Since its establishment, Chiyoda has continued to focus on “visibility,” “fit,” “fashion,” and “fun.

I always try to make eyeglasses that meet the needs of each customer, especially with regard to the way they see, by carefully discussing with them.

“We are a futon shop that has been well known by the local people of Kameari since 1921.
We specialise in hand-made cotton wadding futons, which are now a rarity, and offer a wide range of bedding services, including alterations and tailoring, futon rentals, down remodelling, and Shiroyosha dry cleaning.
In recent years, the value of cotton wadding futons has been reevaluated, and our first class bedding technicians hand make each futon according to the customer’s needs. Please feel free to visit us first.”

“The elegance and warmth of Japanese paper conveys the spirit of handmade.
We have a wide range of washi paper including yuzen paper and blur dyeing paper.
We also have letterheads, postcards, gift bags, pochi bags and calligraphy supplies.”

“Enjoy the traditional taste!
We are an eel and tsukudani restaurant established in 1945.
Our eel is cooked in the traditional way, with a long steaming time so that it can be reheated the next day and still taste fluffy and delicious.
Our tsukudani (food boiled in soy) is made in the traditional way, and we have a wide selection of the best tasting ones. We hope you will enjoy these traditional flavours that have been handed down from generation to generation here in Tokyo.”