We are right in front of you, just outside the north exit. We look forward to welcoming you.

“Chinese noodles that are kind to the heart and body and can be eaten with peace of mind” has been our theme since our opening and we continue to pursue it today.
We are happy to see that our concept of “peace of mind” has spread by word of mouth, as we now have many customers with small children and pregnant women.
We make all our noodles, soup and ingredients by hand, without using any chemical seasonings, flavour enhancers or preservatives.
The soup is made from a combination of Daisen chicken from Tottori prefecture, Junme dried sardines from Nagasaki prefecture and Rausu kelp from Hokkaido.
We prepare our original noodles and soup every day, using richly flavoured Hokkaido wheat, so that everyone from small children to the elderly can enjoy it with peace of mind! We are waiting for you at the north exit of Kameari.

“Top loin cutlet set meal ¥1,400
Mixed fried set meal Sumire ¥1,200
(Fillet cutlet, fried prawns, crab cream croquette)”

Tachigui soba restaurant established 45 years ago. Renewal in 2014

“We have been established in front of Kameari station for 55 years. We have been in business in our current location for 31 years.
Recommended menu, Mukasa set for evening meal. Drink + meal + 2 snacks for 800 yen (tax not included).
The drink is one of fin sake, draft beer or chuhai. The meal can be either suppon zosui, fugu zosui or the daily recommended set meal, and for an extra 50 yen you can change the zosui to ramen.”

Kameari’s largest yakiniku restaurant, celebrating its 50th anniversary in September 2015, offers a wide range of A5-rank wagyu beef at reasonable prices. We also cut the meat in a way that brings out the best flavours from each part of the meat, so you can enjoy the full range of flavours.

We are a traditional teishoku-ya (set meal restaurant), loved by the locals for over 60 years. The rice is 100% new Koshihikari rice, the miso soup is made from natural broth and the ingredients change every day. The daily set meals are made from mainly domestic ingredients and include fried, grilled, boiled and stir-fried meat and fish. The daily change A set meal is 580 yen and B set meal is 630 yen, and there are always more than 50 side dishes. This restaurant is registered with Katsushika no Genki Shokudo.

“We use all domestic ingredients and materials to preserve the original taste of soba, and we also have a wide range of snacks for you to drink in the evening.
We have a wide range of seasonal dishes and other specialities to choose from.”

We offer a wide variety of drinks and food at low prices. We also have private type rooms and private rooms with karaoke.

We offer a wide variety of drinks and food at low prices. We also have private type rooms and private rooms with karaoke.

We offer a wide variety of drinks and food at low prices. We also have private type rooms and private rooms with karaoke.

We take great care with our meat and our upstairs can accommodate up to 18 people.

We are an “old-fashioned” Japanese soba restaurant that has been in Kameari for three generations. We used to operate on the ground floor but moved to the first floor when the building was converted. We say “old-fashioned” because we make our soba and dipping sauce every morning, and we do not change our suppliers of soy sauce, dried bonito flakes, mirin and buckwheat flour. We have a wide range of set menus and snacks for you to choose from. Please come and visit us.

“We have a wide range of sets.
No smoking on all sides!”

“Our slogan is “110 for your electrical problems!
We deal with tube bulb replacement, problems with sockets and switches, problems with TVs, air conditioners and other electrical products, problems with kitchen, bath, toilet and other water-related items, consultations with eco-friendly solar power generation eco-cues and, of course, various manufacturers of home appliances.”

When you think of Kameari, you think of “florist Makoto”.
We also offer nationwide delivery and detailed delivery.
We purchase flowers directly from Ota Market, the largest flower market in Japan and the second largest in the world.

“Since the opening of our shop in 1988, we have been exhibiting and selling ceramics, glass, bamboo, lacquerware and dyeing and weaving products from over 80 artists from all over Japan.
You will find a wide range of pottery for everyday use. We also have solo exhibitions and special exhibitions.
We also have a coffee corner.”

“We have been baking by hand for 60 years.
We have been baking by hand for 60 years and have been awarded the Food Agency Commissioner’s Prize at the National Confectionary Exposition.
We bake them with great care and attention.
Some of our crackers take up to an hour to bake.”

We have been established in Kameari for more than 80 years with the motto “We support your health”.
We have been in business for over 80 years in Kameari with the motto “Supporting your health”. If you have any questions about your health, we will be happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to drop in. We also accept prescriptions.

1 minute walk from the north exit of Kameari station. We have been in business for 55 years and are a well-known cosmetics shop in Kameari. We focus on esthetics, and our popular “One Coin Esthetic” (500 yen, excluding tax) is a mist cleansing service that removes sebum from pores and makes your skin brighter and clearer. We also offer the “Skin Visiom” service, which checks the condition of your skin and selects the most suitable cosmetics, and the “Makeup Simulation” service, which allows you to try makeup on your own face on the screen, which is very popular with many customers. The main manufacturers we deal with are Shiseido, Kose and Kanebo.

A wide range of women’s stiletto heels and mule sandals.

“We are a long-established tobacco shop since the war.
We have only about 300 kinds of cigarettes in stock.
For those who purchase more than one carton, we always offer a free gift of one of the following: tissue box, tea, lighter, soap, towel, bath salt (Babu).

“An estate agent in front of the station.
A friendly local estate agent for 35 years.”

HAIR LABO AZUL is a salon with the most smiles in the area, and we will always make you feel beautiful and make you smile.

“Leave it to House Partner Kameari to rent a property in Kameari.
As well as detailed information on the properties, we also explain the ease of living in Kameari, including information on supermarkets, parks and facilities. Our staff will help you to find the ideal place to live in Kameari, from newly built apartments to pet-friendly apartments, and even rentals with no deposit or key money. The staff at House Partner Kameari will support you in your search for a room that will satisfy you. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment to visit our shop.”

This is the place where you can find 100% organic, non-diamine henna.
Unlike other henna products, the henna of the sun and the earth is superior in its ability to cover grey hair and restore elasticity and lustre to the head.
The henna has the ability to cover up grey hair and restore elasticity and shine to the head.
If you have a problem with your hair, this is the place for you!

“Local, Fureai, Shinkin-kan
Adachi Seiwa Shinkin Bank, Kameari Ekimae Branch was opened in 1963 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in November 2013. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for the warm support and cooperation of the local community.
In March 2010, we rebuilt and renovated our branch, adding a safe deposit box and a more spacious lobby for the convenience of our customers.
We are looking forward to serving you with hospitality. We look forward to welcoming you to our shop.”

We are a historical treatment centre which celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2008.

“We have been buying, selling, leasing, managing and building land and buildings in Kameari for 33 years.
We will continue to do our best as an honest shop.”

DYNAM is a chain of 406 pachinko/slot parlours across Japan, offering pachinko at ¥4, pachinko at ¥1 and slots at ¥20. We aim to provide pachinko and slot machines that customers can enjoy playing for longer and with more fun. All the employees are waiting for you from the bottom of our heart.

We opened in Kameari, Katsushika-ku on Friday 11 September 2020.