Our staff is looking forward to serving you with delicious coffee and a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Stylish pub La Naked, where we cherish the elegant mood surrounded by flowers. A welcome and farewell party… A toast to friendship! From 3,000 yen, we can accommodate any budget. If you’re in the mood for a lively party, or just want to have some fun, La La (La Naked) is the place to be!

The colors and interior design are perfect for the girls’ outfits. The atmosphere is relaxed… and the prices are reasonable. Women can drink, eat, and sing for 3,000 yen and up (for women only), and men can drink, eat, and sing for 5,000 yen (a bargain). Have a wonderful time with Momo, the gentle Chihuahua who is loved by everyone and heals people!

We are mainly an insurance dispensing pharmacy. We are also actively dealing with generic drugs. We also provide medication guidance to patients at home.

We reopened in 2012.

We are a bookstore just a minute walk from the north exit of JR Kanamachi station.

We also take orders for books not available in the store, so please stop by.

“Please enjoy the luxurious taste of Ebisu Seika’s Japanese sweets.
Ebisu’s Mangan Dorayaki is filled with carefully cooked red bean paste in a softly baked crust.
Dorayaki varieties: Chestnut, Ogura, Plum, White Red Bean, Edo Pine, Ajiyuki, Raw Dorayaki, Dorashu
Seasonal Dorayaki
Summer: green tea dorayaki, doray ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, green tea, and red bean paste)
Autumn – Early Summer: Doraiimo
Spring: Strawberry dorayaki
We also have chestnuts, Mangan-yokan, and other seasonal sweets.
Our special candy
We use “Kaori-mame” (red beans) from Hokkaido. We sprinkle dried bonito in the field to improve the soil. They are grown with great care.
The water used to cook the red bean paste is completely filtered and electrostatically charged with 20,000 volts to make the water particles finer in order to make the red beans fluffy and fragrant.
The best rice cake
The finest Koshihikari rice and golden glutinous rice are milled in house every morning. It is fresh, chunky, and uniquely delicious.”

It operates on three floors, from the first basement to the second floor above ground. In addition to general stationery and office supplies, the store offers a wide variety of products such as art materials, drawing supplies, picture frames, and calligraphy tools. The shop also offers name printing for slips of paper, business cards, and New Year’s postcards. In addition to local university students studying architecture, the shop is also used by high school students who draw manga as a hobby and by professional manga artists.
B1F Art materials, drafting supplies, picture frames, photocopies, styrene boards, illustration boards 1F Legal forms, ink stamps, office machines, pre-construction announcement boards, confirmation boards 2F Office supplies, Western calligraphy products, stationery, printing (slip name printing)

North exit of JR Kanamachi Station. The green sign is our landmark. We will introduce you to rooms that meet your needs, whether you are a student or a family. Please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to support your new life.

“Weekdays only” discount price
Cut, shampoo, shaving: 1,600 yen
Cut, shampoo, shaving: 1,300 yen
Shaving: 1,400 yen
Cut only 1,100 yen
Gray hair dye is available for an additional 1,600 yen.”

Since our founding in 1955, we have developed and introduced to the world innovative, precise, and useful products in a variety of situations.

Recently, as an effort to recycle used plastics, we have realized the application of our products to rainwater treatment facilities, and have left behind a number of achievements.

Our future products are also attracting attention as a countermeasure for the recent guerrilla rains.

In the future, we will continue to contribute to society while always keeping our eyes on our customers, such as by exploring the possibilities of new environmentally friendly secondary concrete products.

“Elementary 3 Brain Education” is tuition-free.
We work with families to develop their children from elementary school to university entrance exams, including public and private middle school entrance exams starting in grade 4, high school entrance exams from grade 1 to grade 3, and university entrance exams.
We will work with you and your family to develop your child’s skills until the university entrance exam.
We accept trial lessons at any time!