It’s a bar, but with a full food menu! There are many blackboard menus that change daily in the restaurant! Our most popular dish is “Jerk Chicken”. We have a DJ booth and sound equipment. Various events and parties are available. Please contact us for more information.

We are an old-fashioned snack bar that has passed its 30th anniversary, and we hope you enjoy a relaxing drink. We have an at-home atmosphere.

The restaurant’s signature hamburger is made from 100% domestic lean beef. You can also order your own combination of sauce and toppings. You can also enjoy other handmade delicacies such as hand-made pizza. In its fourth year of operation, the restaurant has been visited by many customers. We’re going to make our hometown Kanamachi more vibrant and exciting by participating in the local athletic event where we team up with our customers to compete against other stores!

Making the most of materials I like people I like the city I like the city as a dining kitchen

A long-established soba restaurant that has been in business for over 50 years. It serves not only soba noodles, but also tempura and a wide variety of dishes. You can enjoy the luxury of drinking sake.

We offer three courses of kaiseki cuisine, starting at 5,000 yen, which carefully brings out the flavor of the ingredients without adding unnecessary touches. In addition, we also offer Edomae sushi that makes the most of freshness, fugu (blowfish) dishes, and a la carte dishes for casual dining. With its attentive and caring service, the restaurant is often used for family celebrations and important business entertainment.

Potted plants (houseplants, gardening flowers, orchids for gifts, etc.), fresh flowers (casual flowers, bouquets, arrangements, flowers for stands, etc.), and other floral materials for flower arrangement classes are also available.

We aim to be the best store in the area with the motto of being the closest and most convenient store.

We are the best consultation pharmacy in Kanamachi that deals with Chinese medicine and natural medicine. The number of consultations is increasing. I have been in practice since 1955, and recently I have received an increasing number of consultations about dementia, stress, childbirth, cancer, immune disorders, etc. I also offer consultations by phone, so please feel free to contact me.

We are committed to faster and more accurate repairs. We are a member of the Repeal Shop for no-puncture repairs. We offer discounts on repairs and parts for bicycles purchased at our store. Price listPuncture: 900 yen per puncture, front tire and tube replacement for 24 and 26″ bicycles, 3,800 yen for 24″ and 26″ bicycles, rear tire and tube replacement for 24″ and 26″ bicycles, 4,300 yen for 24″ and 26″ bicycles, front and rear set replacement for 24″ and 26″ bicycles, 7,300 yen for 24″ and 26″ bicycles, no puncture processing front and rear wheels You can get a 30% discount on the labor charge.

We accept alterations with the motto of low cost and fast. We offer various types of waist adjustments.

Recommended ⇒ Men’s and women’s pants waist adjustment (1 spot): 40% off (1,080 yen) from the usual 1,800 yen

Zipper replacement: 1,900 yen and up

Zipper replacement: 1,900 yen~ ●Walking to hem filling: 2,800 yen~

Various hem lengths

Jeans from 390 yen

Pants (single): from ¥800

Various skirt adjustments

Lengthen/shorten skirts ●Lengthen/reduce waist ●Lengthen/reduce hips

Lengthen/shorten ●Fasten slit ●Replace lining ●Make belt part elastic ●Replace belt core

Jacket alterations

Shoulder width (men’s wear): 4,500 yen and up (women’s wear): 3,800 yen and up

Shoulder width (men’s wear): 4,500 yen~ (women’s wear): 3,800 yen~ Sleeve length (tube sleeves): 2,000 yen~ without lining, 2,800 yen~ with lining

Side width (men’s) 4,500 yen~ (women’s) 3,800 yen~

Length (single layer): 2,800 yen and up

Cuff slit 1,900 yen~

Happy days, weekends and holidays: 9:00 – 21:00

If you have any unwanted items such as gold, diamonds, precious metals, brand watches, brand bags, stamps, etc., please stop by Otakaraya Kanamachi Ekimae Store. With 400 stores nationwide, we have the scale and know-how to ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

At Aage, we think about our customers’ future 10 to 20 years from now when we use color and perm chemicals, and we select the most suitable chemicals from among many types of chemicals. Damage to the scalp = aging. are you thinking about 10 to 20 years from now when you do your perms and colors?

We are a treatment center for people from all over the country who are not getting well or are not satisfied with existing medical institutions. For more information, please visit our website.

≪We are offering a present to those who newly designate annuity receipt at “Higashin”! Please designate “Higashin” as the recipient of your pension.

We carefully clean your precious garments. We strive to provide a service that will satisfy you.

[The popular one-month free trial of the school! Our system is very popular. At Yasuda Juku, there is no entrance test. Instead, you can try the school for one month. After the trial, you can decide whether or not to enter the school. 《Safety #1》Free for one month! 《Safety No.2》 Strong career guidance makes your first exam easy! 《Safety No.3》Fee structure is easy to understand and more reasonable than others!

Our perms and hair color are performed by selecting the right agent for your hair type.

We also use pre and post treatment agents to deal with dryness and reduce hair pain.

(It removes the damage caused by alkaline agents after permanent solution and hair color, and restores the hair and scalp to a stable isoelectric band PH4.5 to PH5.5.

“A 3-minute walk from JR Kanamachi Station. It is a 3-minute walk from JR Kanamachi Station, and is located on the roof of Ito-Yokado Kanamachi Store.
With “convenience,” “comfort,” and “peace of mind” as our keywords, we have been operating our driving school with the cooperation of the local community since its opening.
We have a 24-hour Internet learning system for academic courses.
You can also make a reservation for your instructor online.
From Kanamachi Station, walk through the bright shopping street to the school. Close to the station and convenient! You can take lessons according to your life style.
Our cheerful staff will welcome you with a cheerful greeting.
We hope you will experience the charm of Kanamachi driving school.

In addition to the store, the second-generation owner also works as a lecturer for study sessions held in the beauty world. You can transform your hair into a style that matches your wishes and lifestyle. The haircut style is easy to maintain according to the hair texture, so many regular customers leave it to him.