“This is Fish Time, which just opened in May 2013.
Our concept is to provide our customers with a relaxing time with a smile.
We are doing our best with this concept.
“Please enjoy our dishes that emphasize the original taste of fish.
Please feel free to visit us!

We deal with bicycles for which Katsushika Ward provides subsidies for the purchase of three-seater bicycles.

In addition to delicious sweets, sekihan and mochi are also very popular.

In an age when alcoholic beverages can be purchased anywhere

We try to have the best selection that only a specialty store can offer.

We especially focus on Japanese sake.

We have Yamaguchi’s Gangi, Nagano’s Mizuo, Gunma’s Iwao, Tokushima’s Miyoshikiku, and Shiga’s Mitsurensho.

Please feel free to visit us.

Paintings for daily life….

I try to frame my works carefully to bring a smile to each customer’s face.

I try to frame my work carefully to bring a smile to each customer’s face.

Embroidery, quilling, watercolor, drawing, oil painting, Japanese painting, certificate, honorable mention, etc.

We look forward to serving you.

“A moment of peace.”
Women’s face shaving and beauty treatments are also popular.
Please come and visit us.

If something happens to you, please call us first and we will take care of the rest. We will help you have a worry-free funeral.

Excellent acoustics