We have an extensive menu and a wide variety of potato shochu.

It’s a homey place where you can drop by with your family or by yourself.

We also have an army of female employees who may be able to help you…?

A karaoke store that has been loved for many years in Katsushika-ku.

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, waiting for you to come in!

The 3-hour package from Monday to Thursday is 540 yen, and the 2-hour package from Friday to Sunday, and the day before holidays and national holidays is 420 yen, so you can sing a lot for a reasonable price!

We also have free time where you can sing for up to 10 hours from the time you enter the room! Free time is also available.

(Free time is available from 2 people.) Please use this place for women’s parties and after parties.

We have been in business for 33 years. We have been serving the local people.

We will do our best to make people love our tempura, soba and udon with the taste of traditional Japanese cuisine.

We also do delivery service.

We aim to be the closest and most convenient store!

The homemade pickles are absolutely delicious, and they are extremely cheap.

The homemade pickles are absolutely delicious, and they are extremely cheap.

The first owner of the shop invented the recipe during his training. The store offers a variety of unique Japanese sweets, such as “Andonatsu,” which is based on a recipe invented by the first owner during his training, and “Shobuawase,” in which the second owner uses Habutae mochi to express irises, the ward flower of Katsushika City. You can enjoy the nostalgic flavors that have been attracting attention again in recent years, such as Ohagi and Siberia, as well as the standard ones such as Sanchu, regardless of the season.

We treat our patients with a sense of helping others in the community.

Always smiling, always smiling, Nikodo.

We are always waiting for you with a smile.

We want you to have healthy teeth for a long time, so we will explain everything clearly.

The clinic is open until 9 pm.

For special cases such as oral surgery, a specialist will be in charge.

The bicycle parking lot is easy to enter and exit. Close to a shopping mall, convenient for shopping!

Footwork is good!