“We started our business in 1958 as a nostalgic station diner, a 50 yen diner. We want to respond to such words and such hearts with our “love language” of “homemade dishes by our mothers for our customers at reasonable prices. ・・・・・・ “Mom, I’m hungry.

From wedding receptions to after-parties, corporate inauguration parties, exhibition parties, thank-you parties, year-end parties, New Year’s parties, Christmas parties, and more, we offer a wide range of formal and casual events to suit any occasion. We will provide you with a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Sales of Buddhist altars and altar accessories

Tully’s Coffee is a specialty coffee shop. In order to provide our customers with the best cup of coffee, we carefully handcraft each cup and serve it to our customers.

Our specialty is chicken crackers made from chicken. These go well with all kinds of drinks. They are very popular as a snack. Another Mexican dish is chili con carne, minced meat cooked in a demi-glace sauce and eight different spices. Another popular dish is the gourmet yaki (grilled chicken breast), made rare and topped with wasabi, mentaiko, plum, tartar and grated garlic. A variety of delicious Japanese sake is available.

A ramen shop that serves daily changing snacks and ramen, and seasonal sake.

We will continue to create fun stores for customers all over the world. With the goal of “updating everyone’s lives” with high quality products, a wide selection of goods, and products full of ideas, we will continue to create fun stores and bring smiles and affluent lives to customers around the world.

There are three FamilyMart stores in front of Kanamachi Station, but we will greet you with enthusiasm.

Vinasys Kanamachi Bright Court 1st floor, open 24 hours a day, food supermarket, T Point service (T card new members wanted) (triple points every Sunday) (OMC card members wanted) (5% discount every Sunday when using card) We provide fresh vegetables, fish and meat every day. We offer fresh vegetables, fish, and meat every day. 600 underground bicycle parking spaces, free of charge for up to 3 hours. 256 public parking spaces in Katsushika-ku (4F-7F) (Times) *Parking service: 400 yen parking service for purchases of 2000 yen (including tax) or more!

We have also started changing watch batteries, overhauling watches, and refurbishing jewelry. We do any kind of repair!

We sell handmade sweets made with carefully selected ingredients and Japanese tea. The store sells Shizuoka Morino tea, Kyoto Uji tea, and original stylish tea bags, so anyone can feel free to visit. We use only freshly brewed matcha and hojicha for our sweets, and we do not use white sugar. We look forward to serving you in our warm wooden store.

~Selling “knowledge” and books to improve “knowledge” – Since its establishment in 1941, the bookstore has been located in front of the south exit of Keisei Kanamachi Station and JR Kanamachi Station. The store features a wide selection of new publications, books, and magazines, especially reference books for elementary, junior high, and high school. The store also accepts magazines and other items on layaway or by subscription.

Available on Sundays. Gastroscopy is a painless nasal examination. In addition to the Katsushika-ku specific medical checkup, we also provide vaccinations, health checkups, and treatment such as smoking cessation. We accept reservations for medical checkups, vaccinations, and endoscopy through our website or by phone. Please feel free to contact us.

Our motto is “Autonomy and Independence”. We teach not only in the classroom, but also in a way that allows children to study “on their own” and “efficiently”. Please come and experience our school.

Take care of your body’s problems from the root! Many people who suffer from neck, shoulder, back, knee, and other body problems often have a distorted skeleton or pelvis. A.P. Balance (skeletal and pelvic correction) improves your body’s discomfort by adjusting the skeletal balance of the entire body, focusing on the pelvis, which is the foundation of the body. The Body Factory will fundamentally improve your body by restoring it to its ideal balance with “comfortable treatments that minimize pain and stimulation. We help you to alleviate pain and discomfort, and to acquire “preventive power” to live a healthy life every day.

The library is located on the third floor of Vinasys Kanamachi Bright Court, a two-minute walk from JR Kanamachi Station. It is the largest library in Katsushika-ku, equipped with the latest equipment such as convenient automatic lending and returning machines that keep you waiting. The library is the largest in Katsushika Ward, with a spacious, one-floor space and universal design that allows anyone to use the library with ease. The library holds approximately 410,000 volumes. In addition to books, CDs, and DVDs, the library is also equipped with an Internet computer that allows users to access databases useful for business. In the children’s room, which resembles the deck of a ship, storytelling sessions are regularly held, providing a full range of services for children.

In addition, the Central Library is currently seeking magazine sponsors. The Central Library has a total of more than 1.13 million users a year, with an average of about 3,200 users a day. Since the latest issues of magazines are picked up by a particularly large number of people, this is an opportunity to widely publicize the names of companies and other organizations and their community contribution activities through the library to users, so please take advantage of this opportunity!

We provide services that are safe, secure, clean, and easy to use.

We offer about 300 courses in subjects such as haiku, tanka, music, dance, sports, arts and crafts, languages, etc. You can try out a course for a day (for a fee) or take a tour (20 minutes for free). Please feel free to contact us.

Curves is Japan’s largest exercise facility, with over 1,900 stores, and has been featured on TV and in magazines. It features three types of exercise that are said to be most necessary for women: strength exercise, aerobic exercise, and stretching, which can be done efficiently in just 30 minutes. ♪ Strength exercise is effective in improving back pain, knee pain, lifestyle-related diseases, and osteoporosis. At our Kanamachi branch, we have people from teens to 93 years old exercising! We offer a free trial, so please come and visit us. The staff is looking forward to seeing you.

From April, we have increased the number of study days from two to four. You can choose the days of the week that best suit your schedule and other activities.

We treat patients in a barrier-free, privacy-friendly unit system.

Health consultation for skin, nails, and skin, day surgery (skin tumor removal), cosmetic dermatology consultation (by appointment only), skin laser radiation therapy, various health insurance

A system that meets the needs of busy and diverse childcare providers who teach children about “nature” and “experience”. We offer both temporary and monthly childcare services from 57 days to pre-school age at any time during our operating hours. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Popolla Headquarters Center 0120-8989-08 (Closed on Sundays and holidays)

This is a family salon that is open all year round and does not require reservations, so everyone in the family can feel free to drop by.

At Natura, we focus on acupuncture points and meridians to relieve stiffness throughout the body and to correct pelvic misalignments and body distortions. It is the best relaxation massage that brings health and beauty benefits. There are also short courses that can be used casually, so please stop by for a visit.