The most delicious Yakitori in Japan. Good variety, good taste, good eating. We also have a wide selection of prepared foods. Please come in.

Fresh fruit and vegetables. We have a large selection of homemade pickles. Special sale day on the third Saturday of every month.

The store has a history of 60 years and the current manager is the second generation. Our homemade prepared foods are popular among our neighbors. Our ingredients are carefully selected from A3 and A4 class beef, tuna from the market, and other good products at reasonable prices. We also offer sashimi platters and other special orders, so please feel free to contact us.

Sells liquor, cigarettes, and candy. We have sake, shochu, and western liquor, mainly long-selling products, but also some special items such as electric brand. We always have 200 types of cigarettes, both domestic and foreign. Regular customers are handed their favorite brands without even saying a word. Depending on the time of day, you will be greeted by our signature cat, Momo-chan.

We have been selling rice for about 50 years. In recent years, we have been purchasing the best brown rice of the day and selling it by the kilo. The rice is milled to the desired ratio on the spot, and can also be blended according to taste preferences. In addition to regular customers from the past, we have recently seen an increase in the number of young people, such as mothers in their 20s, who have learned how to enjoy rice. We hope you will enjoy eating rice.

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Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Diabetology, Dermatology

You can make an appointment and feel at ease because it is run by a woman. Please feel free to call us for anything. We are waiting for you.
1) Facial Shaving Course (30 min) ¥4320 1) Cleansing + lymphatic massage + facial shaving + eyebrow cutting 2) Facial Shaving Esthetic Course (60 min) ¥7560 1) plus leg shaving + shoulder massage + pack 3) Facial Shaving Esthetic 3)Facial Massage Course (90min) ¥10,800 2)plus shoulder blade massage and foot massage 4)Bridal Course (150min) ¥18,000 Price will vary depending on consultation

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Preserving tradition. Dressing and Up for More! Dressing passed the first class skill test of the national examination
First class dressing technician, first term student
It is essential for me to study every day so that I can meet the needs of customers in up-do, cut, set, and others.
How to respond to customers!

We introduce real estate for sale and for rent.

We are a dedicated dry cleaning store that takes pride in being able to responsibly process 99% of the items we receive in our store. We have a variety of secret weapons for dealing with spills, magic pens, and other stains, and we have received favorable reviews for removing stains that other stores have been unable to remove.

The clinic is affiliated with Kanamachi Nagura Saimei, an osteopathic clinic specializing in chronic back pain and knee pain.
For more information or to make an appointment, please visit our website. Please check our website for details and reservations.
If the pain does not ease, there is no charge, but it is not something that can be cured in a single treatment.