Beauty Salon

Horikiri Luckydori Shopping Street

  • Beauty Salon

    Biyoshitsu Bigin

    We are a community-based beauty salon.

  • Beauty Salon

    Biyoshitsu Commode

    Our motto is to beautify and rejuvenate with the effects of weak acidity.

  • Beauty Salon

    Studio Coco

    We provide the world's standard technology.

Horikiri-Shobuendori Business Association

  • Beauty Salon

    Hea-saron Ishii

    We are a barbershop in town. We are here to make our customers feel at ease.

  • Beauty Salon

    Hea-sutajio Wagao

    Bringing a smile to everyone's face.

  • Beauty Salon

    Nozawa Biyoshitsu

    The company is well known for its attentive customer service and skills.

Horikiri Ichibangai Shop Association

Horikiri Clover Shopping Association

Horikiri Chuo Shotengai Shinsei Combination

  • Beauty Salon

    SHAPE GARDEN horikiri

    Slow life beauty

  • Beauty Salon

    Biyoshitsu LOOP

    A beauty salon loved by both men and women, from children to adults.

  • Beauty Salon


    This is PLANTS, a beauty salon that requires reservations.